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falling for you

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falling for you
  • Susanna Hoffs Falling
    "Piece by piece I come undone Lose my equilibrium I crash but I don't care Nothing to hold on to I won't look back I'll look for you And I'm almost there I am falling...for you I come undone piece by"
  • Alice In Wideoland Falling
    "This bleeding heart keeps callingCan't stop my world from fallingfrom falling, from falling, from fallingapartI made myself sick todayI'm slipping awayand seem to stick to the gatesI lay myself down to"
  • Unjust Falling
    "The sounds you make, the shine you wear Its your own special ways Of falling out, into the sun with her... I can't help falling I hear you calling The bitterness rings true The sound your breath makes"
  • Svala Falling
    "(Why did you have to...) Why did you have to say It's magic when I smile (oh yeah) Why did you have to tell me Mmmhh you like my style Why did you have to say Stars are in my eyes (oh yeah, oh) Why did"
  • Cathy Dennis Falling
    "You think I'm indestructible, but I'm not I'm just a petal from a flower And I'm falling Deeper into you You think that I'm susceptible, but I'm not The truth is scaring you to reason Why I'm falling deeper"
  • Richard Marx Falling
    "I've got a secret That I think I'm ready to share It may bring us closer It may be a burden to bear It's precious and it's real And all that I can feel Chorus: Is that I'm falling As deep as any ocean In"
  • The Other Ones Falling
    "Open up your eyes Prepare for complications Don't tell me nothing's left solve Why, I'm here alone and waiting Hold on, hold on Is all that's left to say Leave me in the cold calling Out aloud your name,"
  • Voyager Falling
    "One by one We are blinded to forget All the things that we wish we had said Stare right into the darkness into hich we ride Far too late - For the fact that we're alive And we're all falling down through"
  • Shaded Red Falling For You
    "I've tried to ignore The way you're watchin' me I felt insecure, didn't know what to do I've been on the ground dialin' 911 I keep fallin' for you (Chorus) I'm fallin' for you I've turned around again All"
  • Under The Shadow Falling
    "Can you help me? I am falling away again Lost inside all this mess, lost inside again Can you help me I am falling away again Lost the sight of the end, need to find it again I can not pretend anymore I"

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