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get lucky daft punk

  • Dirty Punk - Oxymoron
    "Down in the town in the stinky clubs. I'm pissed near a collapse, but I won't stop. My hair is died, I'm a complete flop. But I can't take it, man! I was raised as a son who should get on. But what"
  • Punk Rock - Casualties
    "Casualties Miscellaneous Punk Rock Committed fromthe beginning There is no fucking turning bak Forgotten youth, just wastes awy Always forwad, never look back Break all fucking barries This street nosie"
  • Punk Shit - Hi-C
    "Yeah Ready to slang 'em Girls, I'm ready to bang 'em So you know how we do it I'm 'bout to step to it like this, you know Boom, nigga, I'ma drop the rock For the punk-ass niggaz that's on my jock One"
  • Punk Points - No Use For A Name
    "You were living like an angel did everything that your life said now you changed your life intentions ran away from home and shaved your head you were tired of living your life restricted under your parents"
  • Punk Ass - Bodyjar
    "Demands on you, and what you're apt to do They dwell inside, then leave you on the outside As aggression Do you need attention? Do you need attention? This situation is not what it seems This situation"
  • If I Get Lucky - Little River Band
    "When I fall down hard, I don't break I just bruise I get the call to give or take If I choose I keep runnin' night and day If I can't find the truth Anyway it's all the same Till someone cuts me loose But"
  • Punk Won - Down By Law
    "i'm gonna give you a straight answer i'm gonna lay it all out on the line i've thought it all a million times now and i'm not gonna turn back this time there was a time when you and I were taking on"
  • You get so lucky - Adam Green
    "you get so lucky it makes you act quite mean you hear a lot of voices so it's hard to sip your tea yeah it was my advice to you at each unruly path did i said i was afraid for you i thought they would"
  • How Lucky Can You Get - Barbra Streisand
    "Barbra Streisand Miscellaneous How Lucky Can You Get Fanny Ain't she got fun, She's the luckiest one Satin on my shoulder and a smile on my lips How lucky can you get Money in my pocket right at my fingertips How"
  • (Let's Get) Lucky In Kentucky - Brainpool
    "We bang our heads against the wall but I'm sure that it won't fall Every day and every night it's a good time for a fight But still I dream of better days maybe if we get away You say you wanna be alone when"

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