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ginny come leatly

  • Come Wind Come Rain - Vashti Bunyan
    "Come wind come rain we're off again, Our muddy boots plod down the lane The snow has snowed now the grass has growed And it's time that we were on the road. The mare is shod the miles untrod Between"
  • Come Anarchy Come Ruin - Her Nightmare
    "You can't escape Accept the strength and rise from death Wake up sleeper live again Your dignity's worth more than your master's suggest Break the chains of objective creeds Drown in an ocean of conformity We"
  • Come Rain, Come Shine - Jenn Cuneta
    "Unsuspecting, the way you cross my mind Who could have known you`d be so real But unrelenting, the grip that lives around you Give me a sign, so I can rescue you And save the day, yeah Bring in the rain,"
  • Come On, Come In - Velvet Revolver
    "I am just a stranger Might lead to just a little danger Come child I'm gonna take ya To a place inside of me that's aching Always take ya to the limit One fool hanging off a precipice Come on it's the"
  • Come One, Come All - All Time Low
    "Come one, come all You're just in time To witness my first breakdown Cause there's a mile gone For every minute passed When I'm stuck in this town I've got a bone to pick with you, Mr. DJ The traffic"
  • Come On - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Pick up your knee and your steep side. The river is deep and running all night from your tender, moonlit lake."
  • Come One, Come All - Popa Wu
    "(Intro) Yeah yeah (yo) Turn my mic up, one two East Coast Gangsters (straight Brooklyn right here) (East Coast Gangster, East Coast Gangster) Come to let ya niggas know One time and one time only We ain't"
  • Come On - Superheroes
    "I count the situations where you ran away with me. Yeah, I count the situations where we ran away. So come on pretty baby, baby take my hand, let's run for eternity We get high forever, and enjoy the"
  • Come On - Number One Fan
    "The symphony in your head, The kind of things I wish that were never said, Cos I had no idea. Break my heart another day. You lost what you wanted, Did you want it this way? Cos I had no idea. Come on,"
  • Come hear - Kelly Clarkson
    "Dark hair, such a sexy smile.. If you only knew how frustrated I am.. For a minute, forgot to catch my breath.. Dont leave me hanging here by myself.. Ohhhhhhhh noooo.. Ohhhhhh.. yeeaaaah.. whoooooaa... Your"

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