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go no more a roving Leonard Cohen

  • No more - Day 26
    "So familiar, But unfamiliar Like a stranger, when i'm with ya Use to know you like the back of my hand Use to be more closer than the closet of friends But everything is different now You changed and I"
  • No more - Guru
    "Aight, aight, don't be yellin yo Calm down man, can we talk like civilised people? I can't take this no more I don't love you No More Come I'll show myself to the door I don't love you Cuz I don't love"
  • No More - Bono&The Edge (Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark)
    "Don't talk, just walk Going nuts, hate my guts Get good grades, another shove Stop being a loser, stop being in love And why do I need these stupid glasses? I'd give my life to be... Anyone but me, yeah Anyone"
  • No more - LeToya
    "Intro:OOoohOooooooohBut I'm not gon cry about itNo more...no moreOooohhOoooooohBut I'm not gon cry about it....Verse 1:Think it over, think it overWhen you walked out your doorI was half-sleep, half-deepIn"
  • No more - Ray J
    "Can I undertsand?Can I undertsand?Can I undertsand?Oh no I can'tI know so much it's gon on between me and youBaby, oh yeah,So block my feelings, put on my sideSo you can have your waySame seven digit round"
  • No More - Guy Sebastian
    "Listen Girl you know I'm not, in the mood for silly gamez When you say ow, ow, you pretend that you hurt again And then you fillin me with, bye, bye And you say that you're leavin me Sorry but this time,"
  • No More - Keyshia Cole
    "Ooohhh Ohhhh Ooohh Ooohhhhh You had a way of making me laugh when I didnt wanna smile, that made me listen and any questions I may have had you would give the perfect answer ohhh you had a way to ...."
  • No more - Eazy-E
    "Believe that Allright Verse One: Eazy-E Ruthless, my style as a juvenile Ran with a gang, slanged in the meanwhile Bankin, I specialized in gankin whites, Mexicans, brothers and others Daily, it's"
  • No more - Queensryche
    "Twas Down in Cupid's Garden I Wandered For to ViewThe Sweet and Lovely Flowers That in the Garden Grew,And One It Was Sweet Jasmine, the Lily, Pink and Rose;They Are the Finest Flowers That in the Garden"
  • A Thousand Kisses Deep - Leonard Cohen
    "The ponies run, the girls are young, The odds are there to beat. You win a while, and then its done Your little winning streak. And summoned now to deal With your invincible defeat, You live your life"

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