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havannah claudia

  • Just A Little Bit - Claudia Cream Feat. Fatman Scoop
    "You are a bad boy, dirty boy I know you wanna see my sexy ass I'll be your love toy all in oil I bet you're gonna have a blast I got a yummy on my tummy And you're begging for some honey And I"
  • Tribute - Dogwood
    "Three years ago, you left that day And I knew I would never be the same You left for a brand new life No more tears, no more sorrow No more of that disease Oh God why did you take her from me? My sweet"
  • The Dog - Damned
    "She wanders alone through the night A child with eyes burning bright She extends her arms for an embrace a tiny smile Her ruby lips on her doll- like face The danger's a mystery here As she invites you"
  • The Dog - The Damned
    "she wanders alone through the night a child with eyes burning bright she extends her arms for an embrace a tiny smile her ruby lips on her doll- like face the danger's a mystery here as she invites"
  • Egg Shaped Fred (acoustic) - Mansun
    "I'm sick of all this scratching around I'm calling Fred to come and give me a hand He's the queen of all the shops where he shops And he's the king of all the scene, to be seen Skinima nosebreak Fatima"
  • City Folk Morning - Fountains of Wayne
    "Spoken by Claudia Marshall at 90.7 WFUN-FM with Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood CM: Adam and Chris of Fountains of Wayne are with me here, uh, on City Folks Morning in, uh, Studio A...WITH GUITARS!"
  • People's Problems - Venerea
    "i'm so tired of people's problems, said Claudia to Jean i'm gonna move if it don't change soon this negatiity is killing the scene and if it's all but falling apart before our eyes and it's far too late"
  • Rollbrett - Wise Guys
    "D kleine decke Dieter st zo singem Pap: Pap ich muss e Rollbrett han. Weil mer mit dem Dinge schneller, Vill schneller als op Rollschoh fahre kann. Nix, st do d'r Pap Do hs doch schon e Kettcar un Carrerabahn. De"
  • Allo allo - Ilona Mitrecey
    "Allo j't'appelle du portable de Wendy Ca va peut-tre couper, y a plus d'batterie Faut qu't'appelles Aurlie pour qu'elle rappelle Marie Et qu'elle lui dise surtout qu'il faut passer chez Julie J'viens"
  • Colorado - Fifteen
    "Heard the news from Colorado, About a couple of kids, Who went to school and tried to kill everyone. They said they did it just for kicks. I saw the president on the T.V. He said we really gotta do something"

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