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  • Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayim ( English ) - Tarkan
    "i'm on a long and narrow road on my way morning and night I don't know what state i'm in i'm on my way morning and night from the moment I came into this world began walking at the same time in a place"
  • The Pledge (Remix) - Murder Inc
    "There's no me In the beginning it was me...Nas - Blasting I stood alone...but now - Blasting Don't you know that I will never leave Murder Inc. Y'all Its Murdah - N***** It's over now -"
  • Life Is Hard - Afterburn Inc
    "Afterburn Inc. Life is hard Verse 1 People wanna wish death upon us Cuz we wanna kill them Police runnin around causing a fuss Asking when where and when We put caps in there Face For wielding a mace Cuz"
  • Now They Notice Us - Afterburn Inc
    "Afterburn Inc Now they Notice us Verse 1 My whole life people I have been abused Kicked about picked up and used Like a toy in a kiddies box But now I will show u lot What do u take me for What about"
  • O.G. - Murder Inc
    "My nigga Ja sold more records than an o.g. (o.g.) Tah flyin by in the Lac truck like a o.g.(o.g.) For Gotti I'd body a nigga quicker than a o.g. (o.g.) Ferrari and Charli and Jody move like a o.g. A winsdy"
  • The Pledge - Murder Inc
    "In the beginning... When no one else was around... You were there... And now...that everything is good... You gotta know... I'll ride with you...forever... I never thought I could find this thang That"
  • Dem Niggaz - Murder Inc
    "(Black Child) Yo Y'all niggaz don't know But we about to fuckin let y'all know You gonna get a motherfuckin up close interview With the motherfuckin murderers Niggaz is gonna let y'all know About us The"
  • We Don't Give A Fuck - Murder Inc
    "(Tah Murda) Yo, throw your motherfuckin middlefingers in the air, nigga Cause if y'all don't give a fuck, like we don't give a fuck Throw your motherfuckin fingers in the air Motherfucker, the war is on,"
  • Movin' Too Fast - Supafly Inc
    "Supafly Inc by Moving Too Fast Give it a chance We can love again In my crazy world I gave you everything you wanted babe You said you loved me I Said I loved you too Even in the craziest times"
  • Somebody's Gonna Die Tonight - Murder Inc
    "Some gangsta's shit, Murder Inc shit Backgound nigga, Dave Bing shit Lil' Mo Somebody goin ride tonight, Somebody goin die tonight, Somebody's woman goin cry tonight Cause its Murda, Murda Somebodys going"

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