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iran maiden

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iran maiden
  • Iron Maiden Fallen Angel
    "Azazel is beside you and he's playing the game Demons are inside you and they're making their play Watching and they're hiding as they wait for the time For a devil to get ready and take over your mind You"
  • Iron Maiden Public Enemy Number One
    "When it all comes down the line And the lights they turn to greed And you race off with your tyres screaming Rolling thunder And the people choke with poison Children cry in fear But you've got your fast"
  • Iron Maiden Road To Hell
    "Slowly bleeding, watch the vortex feeding Like a swirling vulture on your face Every hour the unseen rays devour Your screaming eyes cry out but they are blind Father, forgive me my sins Give me"
  • Iron Maiden Run Silent,run Deep
    "(harris/dickinson) The convoy lights are dead ahead The merchantmen lay in their bed The thump of diesels hammers down In the oily sea-the killing ground His knuckles white his eyes alight He slams the"
  • Iron Maiden Sun & Steel
    "You killed your first man at 13 Killer instinct, animal supreme By 16 you had learned to fight The way of the warrior you took it as your right Sunlight, falling on your steel Death in life is your ideal Life"
  • Iron Maiden Gates Of Tomorrow
    "Weaving a thread round your heart and your soul, Deceiving your eyes and delaying your goal Ships in the night when they pass out of sight, Deliver their cargo of earthly delights To the woman and children"
  • Iron Maiden The Piligrim
    "The keys to death and hell The ailing kingdom doomed to fail The bonds of sin and heart will break The pilgrims course will take Quelling the devils might And ready for eternal fight Aching limbs and"
  • Iron Maiden Thin Line Between Love And Hate
    "When a person turns to wrong, is it a want to be, belong? Part of things at any cost, at what price a life is lost At what point do we begin, fighter spirit a will to win But what makes a man decide,"
  • Iron Maiden We Kill Everything
    "In the hulking halls of hatred where the Master makes his throne Within the "ass"-teroid belt where his body floats alone his mind begins to wander the worm begins to turn all life he must now squander"
  • Iron Maiden Deja-Vu
    "(Murray/Harris) When you see familiar faces, But you don't remember where they're from, Could you be wrong? When you've been particular places, That you know you've never been before, Can you be sure? 'Cause"

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