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iron maiden number

  • Iron Savior (Live) - Iron Savior
    "Out of the cold you've been given birth made out of steel to protect and serve built for eternity you're indestructable free of emotions a robot miracle Now you're up there above the clouds reading your"
  • Iron Gods - Stormwarrior
    "Thunderroars atone The iron fists fly highe Warcries are heard tonighte Studs are catching lighte The rebels assemble The foe's bloode will be shed The mutineers raise highe the flag Rebellion lies"
  • Iron Butterfly - Wynonna Judd
    "BRIDGE; Come out-reach out Help someone under clouds over cast That's what life's about Iron butteries can't fly Oh, IRON BUTTERFLY, IRON BUTTERFLY VERSE; The shadow is as important As the light"
  • Iron Head - Rob Zombie
    "What is the purpose Demonoid phenomenon Regulate the flux and reflux So get it on Loose upon the world Destruct a juggernaut Suddenly the rats are high Bleed the masses and watch'em cry Slumber like Houdini's"
  • Iron curtain - Over The Rhine
    "Yesterday I saw The iron curtain Around your heart Yesterday I saw The iron curtain Around your heart Making me cry Making me wonder Bringing me down But making me love you Making me sad Making me sorry"
  • Iron Tears - Flotsam And Jetsam
    "What is this game we play with broken hearts and tears? Been played by young and old for oh so many years, Can you tell me honestly you've never been a pawn? Someone steals your love away, you turn around...they're"
  • Iron Fist - Coheed And Cambria
    "The wish you plead, the things you sought, we all think, we all thought. The things I've done in the world I've seen, don't measure up to you, my queen. Ooh, I take one for the other, and work my way through"
  • Iron Wheels - Saxon
    "My father used to work the seam far below the ground Digging for the coal to melt the steel But now he lies a twisted man one foot in the grave Just like the iron wheels that took him down Just like the"
  • Iron Will - Grand Magus
    "Failure - reaching out to greet me But I will never fall Aversion - has filled my inner being But I will never crawl Obsession - I never feel the pain Redemption - I will rise again Again and again Iron"
  • Iron Man - Seventh Avenue
    "Don't leave me here alone Look in my eyes - truth was better for everyone Better than white lies I believe in love - think about what happens above I believe in truth - think about you Tell me why we"

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