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  • I Need A Man To Love - Janis Joplin
    "Whoa, I need a man to love me. Dont you understand me, baby ? Why, I need a man to love. I gotta find him, I gotta have him like the air I breathe. One lovin man to understand cant be too much to need."
  • Oh, Sweet Mary - Janis Joplin
    "Yeah! Oh, sweet Mary, child of confusion, she runs the hills to cry Past the willows or an illusion, Lord, tell me the reason why. Tell me why, why is it all so hard ? Breathing in the air Breathe in"
  • Road Block - Janis Joplin
    "Hey! All right, all right, all right, all right! Oh, ain't no problem Carry no heavy load Why can't I love you, baby ? You try to block my road. I wish ya wouldn't do it. Oh, better off to hand you Everything"
  • Flower In The Sun - Janis Joplin
    "Oh please don't you think baby that I am wrong to cry, yeah. You loved me, too, So how come you just sit there and laugh And laugh and laugh and laugh ? Things just can't be this way And not for very long No"
  • Magic Of Love - Janis Joplin
    "Ooh! Hey, hey, now! Alright, You went away, had your chance to say "I love you and I need you baby" Yeah, but even if Honey, I told you daddy now You wouldn't believe me anyway, no, no, no. Maybe you"
  • Bye, Bye Baby - Janis Joplin
    "Bye, bye-bye, baby, bye-bye. I gotta be seeing you around When I change my living standard and I move uptown, Bye-bye, baby, bye-bye. So long, my honey, so long. Too bad you had to drift away Cause I"
  • Easy Rider - Janis Joplin
    "Hey mama, mama, come a look at sister, Shes a-standing on the levee trying to do that twist, But easy rider dont you deny my name, Oh no, oh no. Well, I got a girl with a diamond ring, Ill tell you,"
  • Intruder - Janis Joplin
    "You come around here Trying to make your demand. Youve got a need, darling, Ive seen it grow and expand. Yeah, you want to reveal my life With your own two hands. Well, tell me now What are you trying"
  • Light Is Faster Than Sound - Janis Joplin
    "Light is faster than sound My head to the ground Mind going round Faster than sound. What goes up must go down World goes around Sun shines around Faster than sound. Suddenly I see your face Faster"
  • Call On Me - Janis Joplin
    "Well, baby, when times are bad, Now call on me, darling, and Ill come to you. When youre in trouble and feel so sad, Well, call on me, darling, come on call on me, and Ill help you. Yeah! A man and a"

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