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  • Judas El Miserable - La Frontera
    "No puede ser Quin est ah? Creo que es l Es Judas el Miserable Hace tiempo que marchó Ya est aqu Ya est aqu Ya llegó Judas el Miserable lleno de deudas y de alcohol Viejo nació en cuevas se crió nadie le"
  • Judas My Brother - Bad Company
    "She ran away from home, just-a 15 years old Headed for the city where innocence is sold Headed for the wrong crowds, the company of fools Could only chase those promises, got no time to lose She's just"
  • Judas My Heart - Belly
    "Where I live there's a blanket of gauze It covers the scars of the drunks who are hungry as ever Where I live there's a blanket of sighs And it covers the stars in my heart I'm as hungry as ever This is"
  • Ballad Of Judas - Notarthomas Jamie
    "------------------------ Well the rain's been pourin' down Fallin' to the ground like the first time it's cried since birth I'm talkin' 'bout a wonder love, a fallen love Just falling down to the ground Well"
  • Kiss The Judas - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "she took you up to the seventh cloud you had time to fall is it that what you've been dreaming of a promise big as the universe and all the best for free she ripped you off just when you fell in love"
  • The Judas Kiss - Metallica
    "When the world has turned its back When the days have turned pitch black When the fear abducts your tongue When the fire's dead and gone So what now? Where go I? When you think it's all said and done When"
  • Kiss Of Judas - Stratovarius
    "I hear footsteps dosing in recognizing them from my early days. The times are different the image remains the same, repeating back flashes remembering the name, approaching visions of things. I can't recall, a"
  • Judas Will Swing - Remembering Never
    "Lets beat this town to the ground A waving flag for every body laid to rest There is nothing here to celebrate Rely on every lie Is paid full with their blood and their mother's tears Let's beat this down"
  • The Judas Swing - Eso-Charis
    "I'm the adulterous bride The land that's been parched, and pastures are withered I am the desert baron My head, a spring of water My eyes a fountain of tears For the slain of myself I've made my friend"
  • Besos De Judas - Joaquin Sabina
    "No soporta el dolor, le divierte inventar que vive lejos, en un raro pas, cuando viaja en sueos lo hace sin m, cada vez que se aburre de andar da un salto mortal. Cuando el sol fatigado se dedica a"

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