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  • Illusion How many times
    "Hey man I wanna tell you something I wanna show you our streets Where the pieces of paper screaming to us Where the spray's slogans sreaming to us New generation thristing a powerNew sucker wanna be a"
  • Dwa plus jeden California mon amour
    "Bywa, że spełnia się najdziwniejszy z przedziwnych sen, Wariat traf nagle wskaże ci, weźmie cię w ramiona Jumbo Jet. California mon amour - śmieszne niebo, co nie zna chmur. California mon amour - kodakowy"
  • A.F.I. Song 2
    "I got my head checked By a jumbo jet It wasn't easy But nothing is, no When I feel heavy metal And I'm pins and I'm needles Well I lie and I'm easy All of the time but I'm never sure when I need you Pleased"
  • American Idol All Night Long (Final 8 - American Idol 2)
    "ALL: Well, my friends, the time has come To raise the roof and have some fun We're going to Party, karamu, fiesta, forever Come on and sing along We're going to Party, karamu, fiesta, forever Come on"
  • Robbie Williams Song 3
    "Come join the band Come shag the damned God I blow them away A heart of chrome A broken home I got plenty to say Who are you doing? Don't spoil my day A bigger better offer baby He's on his way You gotta"
  • Dolly Parton Straight Talk
    "(Dolly Parton) Gimme some straight talk, straight talk - and hold the sugar please Straight talk, straight talk - sounds plenty sweet to me Don't talk to me in circles in some mumbo-jumbo jive Gimme just"
  • James Last Too Fat Polka
    "Can she prance up a hill? No! No! No! No! No! Can she dance a quadrille! No! No! No! No! No! Does she fit in my coupe? By herself she's a group. Could she possibly sit up on my knee? No! No! No! No! No! She-s"
  • Spinal Tap America
    "We came like babies From our home across the sea To see america And the people opened their arms To welcome us To america We came like children From a far and distant land To see america And the golden"
  • Praga Khan Love
    "Fax machine - beauty queen Cyberspace - microwave movie star - racing car Fighter plane - Toxic rain Satellite - Neon Lights TV shows - Rubber clothes Magazines - Gazoline Credit cards and Topless bars Swimming"
  • Mansun Railings
    "Ill press my face up to your railings Ill listen, youve still got a little unused pain A little hurt A little further Dont burn your hand on the window If you just want to take in the view Dont you bend"

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