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lego friends tekst piosenki right where l belong

  • Lego House - Ed Sheeran
    "I'm gonna pick up the pieces, and build a lego house if things go wrong we can knock it down My three words have two meanings, there's one thing on my mind It's all for you And it's dark in a cold December, but"
  • Where You Belong - The Summer Obsession
    "Don't say another word, Put my finger to your lips and press (and press) God is not watching us, (watching us) we can do whatever we want so let's, so let's. It's been so long, so long It's been so"
  • Where You Belong - Elis
    "Don't weep Just see Come here Call me Just follow No sorrow You're there Where you belong It's where you belong Don't you see When memories are gone Sent to be free Always be aware Of your memories"
  • Where I belong - Honeyroot
    "I got no worries on my mind Leaving all my cares behind Dont want no troubles at my door I dont need them anymore Coz Im.... ....moving on To where I belong I got no worries on my mind Leaving"
  • Where I Belong - Sia
    "Without rules We lose Yet we want to spare the feelings of those we love Don't cry We've all lied But there is always room for forgiveness my friend So don't treat me bad just be glad I am strong I know"
  • Where We Belong - Westlife
    "Being interviewed by somebody, In the hotel lobby, She says where do you come from, Now i really like to talk about it, But if you write it, Please don't get it wrong, Mum said you should always"
  • Where You Belong - Huckapoo
    "You stand apart Alone you are Working on your masterpiece They laugh, they stare No one would dare Invite you to hang out with them Look around, no where to go They get you down cause you just like to"
  • Where We Belong - Chapman Steven Curtis
    "Chapman Steven Curtis The Great Adventure Where We Belong A gentle breeze was blowing The air was heavenly sweet - life was so complete In a picture perfect garden While the sun went down you could hear"
  • Where I Belong - Sofie
    "seven days before i die six days before i try to survive five days before i grew four days before i knew three days now don't have space if this is my living place two days before i speak one day before"
  • Where I Belong - Gotthard
    "I've been lost and found, run out of grace Felt the city's cold embrace And I learned the hard way How it feels to be lonely I've seen perfect skies, turn into grey Had my dreams all washed away And I"

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