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lemon wkręceni

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lemon wkręceni
  • Herman's Hermits Lemon And Lime
    "(Gouldman) Mr Brown: Lemon and lime Turn of the time Or five for a couple of bob. Good for a cold You'll never grow old For wheezing there just the job. Around the corner In the market square Thats the"
  • All About Eve Blind Lemon Sam
    "Lady Jane had a castle in Spain Caviar and a second car 'Cause she's married to a film star Children they had, always good, never bad Life's a peach, she had one of each And a house beside the beach, oh"
  • Punchline Lemon Pez Love
    "If I could only have one food for the rest of my life? Thats easy! Pez! When I see you I tend to freeze up No matter what I say I never have any luck And I try to talk to you bit it's to extreme No matter"
  • Dance Gavin Dance Lemon Meringue Tie
    "caught between one thick line, I can never see in the dark can you see at all and now you go Slip me the vicodin this world is upside down night at the symphony, the bar is closing down slip me an antidote,"
  • Ookla The Mok Lemon Oh's Song
    "Shrink wrapped in Buffalo then I was packaged with a Butterfinger I went to college via US Mail and then was traded for a chocolate Zinger Sleeping in a top desk drawer thank God for MSG CHORUS: Oh oh"
  • Fool's Garden Lemon tree (deutsche)
    "Ich sitze hier in dem langweiligem Raum Es ist nur ein weiterer regnerischer Sonntag Nachmittag Ich verschwende meine Zeit, Ich habe nichts zu tun Ich hnge herum, Ich warte auf dich Aber nichts passiert,"
  • Meat Loaf Life is a lemon
    "I...want my money back! I...want my money back! It's all or nothing, and nothing's all I ever get Everytime I turn it on, I burn it up and burn it out It's always something, there's always something going"
  • BT Lemon Balm And Chamomile
    "Less is more I can hear fear knocking at my door On my own I can't waste time looking down So much to do If I could find the moment, I'll push through Dare not be afraid Something tells me... I made a"
  • Pizzicato Five Lemon Kiss (Like I Do)
    "(Dick Manning/Minami Kazumi) Translators: Ed Valdez and Ayumi Suzuki koi wo shita onna no ko dare demo ga suki na koto me wo tojite shizukani matsu amai lemon no kisu yo -------------------------------------- the"
  • Camera Obscura Lemon Juice And Paper Cuts
    "Lemon Juice And Paper Cuts (Let's Get Out Of This Country EP - 2006) You're young with the time to afford yourself a few fashion mistakes You were way out of line when you told that boy of your mission"

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