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lil baby

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lil baby
  • Scarface Funky Lil Aggin
    "[ 2Low ] You can call me T double o to the L-o-double - yo I'm 2Low, that funky little niggaroe Comin back with a brand new cut And you can new jack swing on MY nuts Cause I got the shit so tight A young"
  • Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz A Lil Low Now
    "I said shit, damn, get off your ass and jam all the thugs in the club let me see you get em up all the hoes get lil lil low a lil low now (x8) said ah shit, god damn, get off your ass and jam i see ya"
  • Lil' Rob Ooh Baby Baby
    "(Lil Rob) I hope you don't mind But I'd like to steal a moment of your time I just wanna get to know you And all it took was just one look and, I was hypnotized Mesmerized by your pretty smile, and your"
  • Lil' Kim Lil' Kim, Lil' Cease, Notorious B.I.G.---Crush On You
    "Intro: Lil' Cease Undeas (uhh... uh-huh) Lil' Ceaser (uhh... uh-hah, Queen Bee) Uhh (uh-huh, that's me) Uhh, check it (Lil' Kim) Verse One: Lil' Cease Yo I be buyin em V's, so all my girls be eyein"
  • Post Malone On the Road (feat. Meek Mill & Lil Baby)
    "Utwór „On the Road" pochodzi z albumu „Hollywood’s Bleeding” rapera Post Malone, premiera wydawnictwa została zaplanowana na 6 września 2019 roku."
  • Kool Keith Baby Baby
    "Baby bab-ayyy, you feel it la-dayy Can you feel it? Built to last, I'ma reduce competition Stretched like a G-string stay in that ass Eliminate your words you think are tough By movin herbs, you think"
  • Travis Scott HIGHEST IN THE ROOM REMIX (ft. ROSALÍA, Lil Baby)
    "I got room, my fume she fill my mind up whit ideas I ‘m the highest in the room hope I make it out of here she saw my eyes she know I am gone I’ve seen some things that you might fear “I’M doing a show I"
  • Lil Pump Multi Millionaire (ft. Lil Uzi Vert)
    "how it goes last week? how’s your man now? Danny, I see you Multi Millionaire Multi Millionaire i you rich, put your bust down in the air Multi Millionaire Multi Millionaire I just got thirty pints shipped"
  • Baby Aka The #1 Stunna I Got To"(feat. Lil' Wayne
    "BABY AKA THE #1 STUNNA Miscellaneous I Got To"(feat. Lil' Wayne Bitch look up in the sky it's the bird fucking man Junior daddy - shitting on the game You probably see me sitting on the Range I'm hustling"
  • Baby Aka The #1 Stunna Ghetto Life"(feat. Lil Wayne, Cam'Ron
    "BABY AKA THE #1 STUNNA Miscellaneous Ghetto Life"(feat. Lil Wayne, Cam'Ron Ok, we got the Birdman in the building (the birdman) We got Killa in the building (yeah) We got Young Weezy in the building"

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