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  • I'm Sorry (My Favorite Girl Remix) - Dave Hollister
    "Talking Baby listen to me for just 1 second I'm Sorry What happened between me and her It's over Verse 1 I was wrong..em I let a lonly night get between us em em When you were out of town I creeped"
  • Your Like A Dream Come True - Brian McKnight
    "Its undenible that we should Be together, Its unbeliveible how I use to say that I found that gurl, The pecies dont even no if u dont no Just how I feel , Then let me show You Now thati'm for real, If"
  • The Hunch Back Of Notre Dame - The Ark
    "Staring Down At The Marked Place From High Up Above I Ring The Bells In My Tower Cells I Dream Of Something Peaceful And Worm A Freak Of Nature I Was Born Lonly Wind Tell How To Begin I'm Higher When"
  • If You Ever - East 17
    "The very first time that I saw your brown eyes, your lips said "Hello" and I said "Hi". I knew right there you were the one. But I was caught up in physical attraction but to my satisfaction, baby, you"
  • Victim Of Fate - Helloween
    "I was born in the rotten part of the town The biggest trap I had seen Wherever you'll go and wherever you'll get to Evil is around My mother's a bitch my father's a killer Gettin' paid for a murder Fightin'"
  • You Think I'm Lonely - The Horrors
    "Everynight I ask myself, What do I want nobody else? Told you not to come, I'm not the lonely one, told you not to come, and I'm not the only one here. When you come you show up late, there are so many"
  • Say Na Na Na - Serhat
    "Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na you look san and lonly is something wrong tonight? why this rush to run away? things will be alright just be strong"
  • Herbstzeitbl - KIZ
    "Sind Herbstzeitbltter nur so traurig weil sie weinen Sind Herbstzeitbltter nur so traurig weil sie fallen Sind Herbstzeitbltter nur so traurig weil sie weinen Sind Herbstzeitbltter nur so traurig weil"
  • Idem ehst - Ben
    "Vers 1:Ich Stadtkind, mit Ostkstenakzent:Das jahrelange Investment in Akteneintragungen anstatt in Aktien,macht mich nun wohl fast Erwachsen. "So was denn ?"Hunderte Graffiti-Artefakte von hier bis ins"
  • All I Have - Christina Aguilera
    "first part: Its such a shame but im leaving cant take the way you mistreated me and its crazy but oh baby it dont matter whatever dont phase me LL: I cant believe you wanna leave like this. I cant beleive"

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