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love story tailor swift

  • Story Of Love - Bon Jovi
    "fathers love doughters like mothers love sons they're been writing our story before there was one for the day you arrive* *Lyric Video"
  • Fairytale love story - Alice In Chains
    "Jill, came tumbling down At the bottom of the hill Jack busted his crown Ah, my fairytale love story My fairy life My fairytale love story To get you off of my.. I got to thinking Things aren't as good"
  • Story Of Love - Westlife
    "This is the story of love Let's make it last forever You hold the words that mean so much Let's make a plan together Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa In the story of love Whoa, Whoa, Whoa,"
  • Modern Love Story - Youth Of Today
    "A boy a girl a love story but why did it end in misery taking our chances getting our thrills taking and taking but never getting our fill And this is what I see a modern love story love defined on our"
  • Greatest Love Story - Allstars
    "We got the greatest love story Yeah Yeah Lets make a movie Lets make the greatest love story baby If I could be, a better man Hold all the wisdom of all the world in my hand Would you know me I'd be a"
  • Modern love story - Glassjaw
    "A boy, a girl- a love story. But why did it end in misery? Taking our chances, getting our thrills.. Taking and taking but never getting our fill. And this is what I see. A modern love story. Love defined"
  • Another Love Story - Play
    "I don't wanna hear another love story.. Turn the page, it's all history Take a pen write your name on my heart If we try we can make it better See I heard it all before She did you wrong Cause you"
  • A Love Story - Thomas Dybdahl
    "honey i told you that these things never last and one of these days now you`ll start dreaming of the past when life was once too short for all the things we`d do and the shots we`d call and endless summer"
  • Another Love Story - Jeffries Fan Club
    "This is the story of Jesse and Shauna You're gonna hear it even if you don't wanna Jesse used to be hardcore He's not anymore He met a girl who stole his heart away If I were him I would have run away"
  • Virginie...love Story - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion C'est Pour Toi Virginie...love Story Virginie, , , roman d'amour Virginie jolie Dans cette le o tu as vu le jour Paul a vu le jour Lui aussi De rencontres en rendez-vous Vous avez grandi Dans"

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