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lykke li i'm good i'm gone

  • I'm Gone (ft. Big Sean) - Tyga
    "aaa looking around glass, my future is in the past i’m re-arranging my life, i’m single and now i laugh all of the moments we had, beginning and just the end at the end, stealing friends, heard i was on"
  • Until We Bleed Wv001b - Lykke Li
    "I'm naked I'm numb I'm stupid I'm staying And if Cupid's got a gun, then he's shootin' Lights black Heads bang You're my drug We live it You're drunk, you need it Real love, I'll give it So"
  • Breaking It Up - Lykke Li
    "If you're going abroad I can't help you If you're crossing the street I might be there If you give it a minute it's wrong If you give it a minute it's gone If we're just waiting a second too long Darling"
    "My one heart hurt another So only one life can't be enough Can you give me just another For that one who got away Lonely I, I'm so alone now There'll be no rest for the wicked There's no song for the"
  • My Love - Lykke Li
    "Oh missing man where have you gone? I miss you much, I miss you long So many men, where did you go? Overseas or under chairs? Oh lover boy you're hiding out Or could it be, I've passed you by A thousand"
  • I'm Gone I'm Going - Lesley Roy
    "So sick of hearing your words all I can hear you say is how you want me to live my life a different way I'm gonna pack up my things I'm gonna do it just watch me, watch me I'm like a rat in a cage about"
  • Chun-Li - Beefy
    "Yes, yes! Scotch tape...and Beefy. We're gonna be your best friend on here, while we talk about the greatest-- Greatest Women in the world! She is known as the strongest female in the world, There is"
  • Gong Li - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Some people say you hate me I don't believe it's true Things that you're going through Some people say you hate me I don't believe it's you Things that you're going through Some people say to pray for The"
  • Never Let You Down (ft. Lykke Li) - Woodkid
    ".. We come alone To leave distant My eyes waterfall … Could you be waiting by the shore? I could drown without you Will you be holding after … when I fall I’ll never Let You Down I’ll never Let You Down I’ll"
  • When I'm Gone - Bobby Bare
    "Will anybody know I've been here when I'm gone Will anything that I've done here live on Every man's allowed just so much time And all you take along is what you leave behind Will anybody know I've been"

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