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  • Panzer March - Centurion
    "Hulking pincer movement roaring epilogue of mistakes Shout! Fire! Panzer chime omnipotent solemnity of hate do you believe in the apocalypse day? killer machines opened wide their steel jaws Turbulent"
  • 18th March - Fingertips
    "(makes me/its the) shiver when youre by my sideIts the beauty when our eyes collideIve been lostThrough the bruises of the pastIts the promise that our love will lastInsideRef:(is this/are you) for real?(are"
  • Prospekt's March - Coldplay
    "Smoke is rising from the houses People burying their dead I ask somebody what the time is But time doesn't matter to them yet People talking without speaking Trying to take what they can get I ask you"
  • Dead March - Architects
    "I've watched you from a distance but never spoken a word I have seen every flaw your try to hide from the world I sit silent in shadows watching the paths you have made If only you knew my intentions I've"
  • Marching March - Halcali
    "I know you know enter da machi baby I know you know enter da machi baby I know you know enter da machi baby Kono machi de machingu everybody Sutandingu obeeshon Maachingu maachi hajimarimasu Maachingu"
  • March 19th - Justin King
    "You were born of fire and you burned straight through Everyone around here looked up to you but you gave it all away for a game that you could only lose Only memories remain and this song is all that I"
  • Yuuyake March - The Back Horn
    "ningenkankei toumei kumo no su herikoputa- no oto de sekai ha hametsu akikaze tourai zawatsuita hibi negai no terepashi- wo yuuhi he tobasu yume wo nose chikyuu wo mawaru sou kisetsu ga sasotta jikan no"
  • The March - 2:54
    "Sooner or later the lovers find you In the end Sooner you want them ? Want them ? You have a city ? deep Falls away, I hear them marching, marching I hear them marching, marching Yeah I got a secret,"
  • March To Die - Possessed
    "Marching to death's bell Descending into hell Judgement day is hear And you fate is dear March to die! March to die! March to die! March to die! Die! Die! Die! Take my mind and soul Countless heads will"
  • March Or Die - Vicious Rumors
    "March or die If you defy it We'll come smashing through Marching into glory cries The victory is due We wear the cross of evil And you take on the fight March or die it's a battle cry Prepare to ride tonight You"

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