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metallica nogting else mater.

  • Somebody Else - Flying Blind
    "When you look at me My facsimile smiles in stolen sugar eyes But you fail to read Into disbelief, frozen firmly to the light If I could be somebody else If I could be somebody else If I could be somebody"
  • Someone else - The Busters
    "Your eyes don't see me no more When we kiss you're looking at the door Your hands don't reach out for me My friends say it's clear to see You've got someone else on your mind You've got someone else on"
  • What Else - Accept
    "Heroes - keep dying Nations - dividing Principles - they're gone It's war Wallstreet - buy in politics Jesus - up for sale Do anything - for money I'm a whore What else - what's in it for me What else What"
  • Who Else - Poco
    "Chorus: Who else has your heart tonight, who else (who else) Who else stays awake all night, who else If a picture says a thousand words, you don't have to say a thing 'Cause I can see it in those big"
  • Anyone Else - Collin Raye
    "Baby I bought wine and roses on my way home Yeah I know we can't afford it but life doesn't last too long This world has gone half-crazy And knocked us both to our knees I'm fumbling for the words to try"
  • Somebody Else - Sparkle
    "I been hearin' 'bout you, talking 'bout you, thinking 'bout you Reminiscing about all those things we used to do I'm still lovin', are you worrying on your feinin' for you Makin' every move I can to get"
  • Anybody Else - Teen Idols
    "Nothing I've ever done could measure up to you Nothing you've ever done could keep me from you So I think I'll try a little harder now Try to keep my life from burning up with doubt I kill myself Every"
  • Something Else - My Black Sky
    "I forgot you but something i wont do is to forget what you did it's something we can't rid get out of my way 'cause i'm happy today (Pre-chorus): you won't bring me down 'cause everything is okay no you"
  • Someplace else - George Harrison
    "You got into my life I don't know how you found me, but you did It stopped me heading someplace else Took me a while to say Wish you belong to me But now I'm saddened like I've never been Regretting that"
  • Something Else - Good Charlotte
    "She is a diamond, I am a stone I come from nowhere, she's been to Rome Her daddy's a lawyer and mines not around She has good manners, I'm rough all around But you could come from something, you could"

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