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minta bocoran ekor fajar pakotuk malam ini

  • Megadef - Styles Of Beyond
    "Hello, how you doin'?It's nice to meet you and [?]The space that you continue that takin' this musicI'mma movin' your spacesSnake the [?]And crown myself to dawn of the [?]Keep calmThe [?] retards is the"
  • Danial - Sugababes
    "Somewhere in the back of my mindSecretly I know you will findWay amongst the blushing and glowTeach me all the things I don't showMystery's a beautiful thingWhat a gift a woman can bringNever let it out"
  • Everyday people - Supremes
    "Sometimes I'm right and I can be wrongMy own beliefs are in my songThe butcher, the thinker, the drummer and thenMakes no difference what group I'm inI am everyday people, yeahThere is a blue one, who"
  • I'm the exception to the rule - Supremes
    "Each day you've got someone newA new heart to breakAnd leave feeling blueFor you're a handsome guyGirls just can't pass you byBut I can, my friendI'm the exception to the ruleI know you think I'm just"
  • Outside - Taylor Swift
    "I didn't know what I would findWhen I went looking for a reason, I knowI didn't read between the linesAnd, baby, I've got nowhere to goI tried to take the road less traveled byBut nothing seems to work"
  • Caf - Buono!
    "Ciao! Nee shitteru? Ano kado magareba hora KURASU no minna UWASA shiteru KAFE ga aru tte Ciao! Douzo kochira e kanban musume wa sou machi de ICHIBAN KYUUTO na ATASHI no koto DOONATTSU to KAFERATTE CHOKO"
  • Forever With You - Big Bang
    "Uh! hey baby girl(what s up) pretty ma luv Hokshi onulri musun nalijhi ani? nol algoini u know? Gudega tonan jhi tak ilnhyonjhe nalha guderul jhoum manan ddega okujhe gatunde nan Malha Hayako hayanton"
  • Game Over - Baby Vox
    "Heartbreak, you don't know love Just come on, please come over to me Oh~ heartbreak, you don't know me Just come on, please come over tonight Chagawojin nar bomyo jimjaghegir bararge kuth nan sarangur Ibyori"
  • Come again - Venice
    "I was a loner cruisin with the windI wasn't looking when you pulled me inI had to leave you, like i always didYou knew damn well i'd come againNow i'm falling, where i've never beenMy resistance is wearing"
  • And i pray - Valete
    "Dark and Cold Closing InI Feel Something New BeginIs It a Flower That Begins to Bloom?Or Is It History Repeating Too Soon?All At Once It Rushes InAnd Makes Itself My New Best FriendIs It Safe? I Don't"

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