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  • Damage On Parade - Trial Kennedy
    "Everything was only ever your way Taken for granted is all that you know Oh Oh Cave into peers succumb your life away Open arms again Cave into peers don't let them walk away Like damage on parade You"
  • Fellow King - Trial Kennedy
    "Gonna raise a feeling it's not my own Holding off a beating that's not condoned Too many people are leaving home Holding off a beating, now I'm alone Then it's over, and over, the night is a closure"
  • Knife Light - Trial Kennedy
    "I can't say anything twice I can't do anything right Standing in the street light Flashing are the green lights Slipping away Feeling of a knife fight Stealing of a right life Slipping away Take my life"
  • My Idol Who? - Trial Kennedy
    "All in a wave, getting along. Run it a way, a way that you want, On the right road. You better drop the weight. On the right road. There never was a way. Where's my? What's my? On the right. And then"
  • Rollin' With Saget - Jamie Kennedy
    "(You are now about to witness the strength of Bob Saget.) Have you ever had one of those nights That started off so damn good, no fights, no fuss. See, it's understood that when you go to the bar Man,"
  • Every Song Is A Cry For Love ( Eurovision 2006 ) - Brian Kennedy
    "Every song is a cry for love Every voice can rise above So don't be afraid Just show what you're made of Sing it out. Every Song is a cry for love Every day is a brand new start Every night you could"
  • A Better Man - Brian Kennedy
    "Open your eyes Say what you say and I'll listen For a while Where is you smile? The one that reminds me to whisper Like a child How can we stay strong? Now hope is gone Give me a reason I can believe in Help"
  • Moonlight Kiss - Bap Kennedy
    "I can feel my heart And it's fit to burst I try to clean it up But I just get worse Wish I could fall On a night like this Into your lovin' arms For a moonlight kiss I thought I saw your face In the"
  • Power Over Me - Dermot Kennedy
    "I wanna be king in your story I wanna know who you are I want your heart to be for me Oh I, want you to sing to me softly cause then I;m outrunning the dark that' all that love ever taught me call"
  • For Island Fires and Family - Dermot Kennedy
    "how it must feel to be a bird roaming lonely over sea air how it must feel to be a bird London., Paris underneath I’ll wait on my own here"

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