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now i am here

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now i am here
  • Sense Field Here Right Now
    "Radar's on, cruising low altitude Just a few more miles, till I elude Enemy planes coming from foreign skies With orders to demoralize Holding hands in the underground Everything's here right here "
  • Garden Variety Here And Now
    "--------------- Today I found a nickel And I held it in my hand I wished it lots of luck as I Gave it to the homeless man He said God bless you I said God bless us both He smiled and started laughing I"
  • America Here And Now
    "Here and now, here and now All the future will allow Here and now, space in time Turn the tables, toe the line Toe the line, toe the line Here and now, Where people change their names And play"
  • Aceyalone Here And Now
    "When I first splashed out the water, it was all wet Covered in blood, mama covered with sweat The umbilical cord wrapped around my neck Chokin' me, doctor pushin' me and pokin' me I said to the motherf**kin'"
  • The Drones I'm Here Now
    "You've gone from perfect to divine Gone from perfect to divine Time heals And time forgets Your pots pans shoes all your garbage And your photographs Had been thrown into the street And I stood back in"
  • As Tall As Lions Be Here Now
    "Written by: Brandon Syms How many days are you afraid of turnin' off? You'd be amazing how easy it's been to sleep walk, I'm in a state where I can't tell what's right from wrong? I'm Making a face that"
  • Leona Lewis I Am
    "I thought the moment I was leaving, barely breathing Fall to pieces, couldn't face this Why would I be leaving? I was believing it's you and me against the world Not saying I was afraid of you Won't put"
  • Moon Of Steel I Am
    "What I am I would be if I could I've a soul Try to shout my own prayer But I cry without a voice and tears You can't choose what I'll be... ...I am Who needs it, what is the use? You win the prize paying"
  • Godsmack I Am
    "I am your spoken truth I am the lies in you I'm gonna make you shine in everything you do I am your lighted way And I'm your darkest day I'm here to help you see you can rely on me Just consider me your"
  • King Diamond I Am
    " the tomb, Lucy is sitting on the floor, I am standind by the door The door to freedom...the door that I shut so close And as I take another look at my mind I seem to think the sun has"

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