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  • Don't Lead Me On - Neil Sedaka
    "Oh please don't, don't lead me on, don't love me tonight if tomorrow you'll be gone. If you don't mean the things that you say, you only have to tell me and I'll be on my way. Oh don't, don't make"
  • Run Samson Run - Neil Sedaka
    "In the bible, 1000 years BC There's a story of ancient history 'Bout a fella who was strong as he could be 'Til he met a cheatin' gal who brought him tragedy Oh, run Samson run, Delilah's on her way Run"
  • Bad And Beautiful - Neil Sedaka
    "BAD AND BEAUTIFUL Hooray for Mr. Wonderful, he's feeling bad and beautiful, I've seen him hanging out in the strangest places, jiving in the dives where well fed faces go, he looks so good yeah,"
  • Sunny - Neil Sedaka
    "Sunny, stay by me. Rain used to fill my eyes till I met you, Sunny. You cleared my cloudy skies pretty little Sunny. You made the rain disappear, it's just like magic when I hold you near. Oh Sunny,"
  • City Boy - Neil Sedaka
    "Country livin' really gets me down So I'm headin' for the lights of town Gonna kiss the country life goodbye I got myself a brand new high Funky music where the lights are bright Tell the ladies I'll be"
  • What A Surprise - Neil Sedaka
    "Do do do do do do do do, what a surprise Do do do do do do do do, what a surprise Ooh Ooh Ooh, what a surprise She stood there looking like she didn't care Looking right through me like I wasn't there Could've"
  • You're Knockin' Me Out - Neil Sedaka
    "When we start a'dancing I'm a nervous wreck, your kinda shaking has a rare effect. I can't stop a'flipping over what you're doing, that kinda beat can drive a man to ruin. Slow down baby, can ya hear"
  • Fly Don't Fly On Me - Neil Sedaka
    "Fly don't fly on me, fly around somebody new. Fly don't fly on me, your buzzing and your humming is making me blue. I can't sleep at night, I toss and turn with all of my might, knowing you are there,"
  • Next Door To An Angel - Neil Sedaka
    "I'm living right next door to an angel and I just found out today, I'm living right next door to an angel and she only lives a house away. She used to be such a skinny little girl but all of a sudden she's"
  • I Must Be Dreaming - Neil Sedaka
    "I MUST BE DREAMING All my life I've been in love with you, now you are here, I can't believe it's true. I must be dreaming when you say that you're in love with me. In my dreams I've kissed your"

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