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ot genasis-coco

  • No Doubt - CoCo Lee
    "(Intro) (Hot Hot) Baby - no doubt -gotta show me what it's about Baby - no doubt -gotta show me what it's about Boy, lets make it Hot (Verse 1) What you say your name was? I'm kinda tipsy, sippin' on"
  • The Flyest - O.T. Genasis
    "I’m the flyest n*gga in the world /4x Who you know that’s better than me? Nobody I’m the flyest n*gga in the world /2x All my life I sold coke Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm My ex took me for a joke Mmm, mmm, mmm,"
  • Ricky - O.T. Genasis
    "I'm the man in my city I got bitches that fuck with me Off [?] like I'm Diddy All this coke, I'm feelin' like I'm Ricky Feelin' like I'm Ricky Feelin' like I'm Ricky Feelin' like I'm Ricky All this coke,"
  • Bad Old Days ( Eurovision 1978 ) - Coco
    "Remember me? I was tossed and turnin' like a ship without a sea I was lost for learnin' like a song without a key Remember when I was all alone without a soul to call my friend? Who'd have thought"
  • Reflections - CoCo Lee
    "Look at me You may think you see Who I really am But you never know me Every day it's as if I play the part Now I see if I wear a mask I can fool the world But I cannot fool my heart Who is that girl"
  • Rock It - CoCo Lee
    "Do you wanna rock it baby? Do you wanna rock it baby? (Verse 1) The room is shaking,good vibration This music's in my soul. Unerdeath the strobe lights, I'm feeling hypnotized you've got me under control. (Pre-Chorus) DJ,"
  • So Good - CoCo Lee
    "Let me get that. Uh-uh-uh-uh - yeah that's it. You feel that? I know you feel that... Let's ride. (Verse 1) Big Daddy close the door. What are you waiting for? I'm crawling on all fours. Come join"
  • Step In - CoCo Lee
    "Step in my world (cause I know that you're ready to ride) Now it's my turn (to give it to you just how you like) No matter what you say I know I can make a change I just can't walk away, no way I'm gonna"
  • Touch - CoCo Lee
    "7 whole days. 7 whole nights. I can't wait to get you by my side so you can-touch me Oh how I need you so much. My body calls out please come and touch me. Too long since I've had some I need to feel"
  • When You Tell Me That You Love Me - CoCo Lee
    "I wanna feel this way longer than time I wanna know your dreams and make them mine I wanna change the world only for you All the impossible i wanna do I wanna hold you close under the rain I wanna kiss"

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