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  • Slow Motion - Esham
    "I'm ridin' high on the freeway late at night I got some trouble on my mind 'cause my shit ain't right I'm comin' short on the real money, a nigga broke I need a fifth of Remmie Martin and some weed to"
  • Slow motion - Play & Win
    "R: I love it when you're around Listen and feel the sound Flying away... And now that I'm all alone Who's gonna save my soul? You took my life... I: You staring me down I wake up I'm lost I need you right"
  • Slow motion - Kittie
    "And this love will be the death of meBlank eyes see no endPulse is weakYour skin is turning blueI can't let go of youHope is gone The light is dim againI'm praying for a signFragile heartsA face so porcelainThis"
  • Slow Motion - Saga
    "I'm startin' to feel A bit like Frankenstein 'Cause I know how it feels to wake up And be some other guy Every little movement I'm forced to modify I know everyone does it So I won't apologize I'm not"
  • Slow Motion - Lights Of Euphoria
    "I was alone So alone Do you know On my own Artificial light was the only sign of life My legs are moving in slowmotion Here I stand Captivated Stuck for life in my dreams Nightlife It was so blinding,"
  • Slow Motion - Acid Black Cherry
    "Suna no ue kizamu hon no hitori asobi Furimuku to tooku hitokage nagisa wo kaketekuru Fui ni sesuji wo nukete koi no yokan amaku hashitta Deai wa Karui memai sasou hodo ni Deai wa Hitomi no naka"
  • Slow Motion (instrumental) - Third Eye Blind
    "Ms. Jones taught me English, but I think I just shot her son Cause he owed me money, with a bullet in the chest you cannot run Now he's bleeding in a vacant lot The one in the summer where we used to smoke"
  • Slow motion (remix) - Nivea
    "Slow motion daddySlow motion daddy (ya ya come on come on)Slow motion daddyKeep it slow motion day UUhhhhh you like it like dat Im working my backHe dont know how to actSlow motion daddy slow motion daddySlow"
  • Slow motion addict - Carina Round
    "Today I'm not presentFootsteps disguised as wingsNeither poison my brainWith memories that tease and stingStep out into the sunLet light into my eyesMy feet don't touch the groundMy head fills up the skyTry"
  • Slow Motion Suicide - Somersault
    "Hey you, I lost you, on my way through, Baby Jane Every night I've touched you to kill you with my pillowcase Why do you laugh? Why do you cry? And I will lean back and hold you, Baby Jane I won't kiss"

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