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  • Nothin' To Lose - Pantera
    "I am a gambler god knows I've been around I've lived it up now I'm livin' it down I've played some hunches, and I've played some blues A man with nothing aint got nothing to lose I thought my woman was"
  • Rebel Meets Rebel - Pantera
    "We raise a lot of hell, drink a lot of booze Don't need a damn reason for the things we do So break out the bottles and bring on the crowd Exercise your freedom, rowdy and loud Get down, let's jam All"
  • Cowboys Do More Dope - Pantera
    "Country music stars Like the catchy bars They smoke a lot of weed Yeah, those country singers Like to catch their buzz They love to drink whiskey Shotgun-Willie He got popped on the highway with A roach"
  • Heart Worn Highway - Pantera
    "On this Heart Worn Highway Into the heat of night Look in your rearview mirror Tucson is out of sight Headin' for Oklahoma Texas is still ahead Face on a Wanted poster Wanted alive or dead Destined to"
  • Right On The Edge - Pantera
    "Shot rings out Hear somebody scream Nightmare Caught up in a fantasy Tied up Fear's workin' overtime Wrecks my sanity Lay down Ear touched the floor Telephone rings It's someone at the door It's alright Just"
  • Valhalla - Pantera
    "There is a place Where every man who falls In battle surely will go And in this place Lives a God Who is their Lord One of knowledge Who surely knows Eyes are burning brightly Shining on into the night Heads"
  • Forever Tonight - Pantera
    "I've been waiting All my life For the moment To be right You and me Tonite could be the night A love fantasy My heart keeps cryin' FOREVER TONITE FOREVER TONITE I wanna feel You in my arms I wanna love"
  • One Nite Stands - Pantera
    "I don't make promises that I can't keep Got to keep movin', got no time to sleep Don't talk to me about my future plans It's time to go, I'm into one nite stands I'm into one nite stands I'm into one"
  • Arizona Rivers - Pantera
    "When you're young You wanna believe Believe in love Believe in everything Time Seems to be on your side When you're young And in love Time to move along, baby I've got this feelin' Something's going"
  • Get Outta My Life - Pantera
    "I've been cool for far too long Just a matter of time before I break I took more shit than I wanted to take You can't look me in the eyes Somethings gone wrong and you know I know I'm like a stick of dynamite"

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