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  • Polka Dots And Moonbeams - Cassandra Wilson
    "A country dance was being held in a garden I felt a bump and heard an 'oh, beg your pardon,' suddenly I saw polka dots and moonbeams all around a pug-nosed dream the music started and was I the perplexed"
  • Gambling Polka Dot Blues - Hank Snow
    "I thought I was a gambler Broke ev'ry shark in town Until I met a rounder Who called all I put down We laid the cards on the table He drew an ace high hand He bet his watch and I called it And lost my"
  • Polka Dots And Moonbeams - Chet Atkins
    "Would you care to hear the strangest story? At least it may be strange to you If you started a moving picture You would say, "It couldn't be true" A country dance was being held in a garden I felt a bump"
  • La polka du roi - Charles Trenet
    "1 . Voulez-vous danser marquise Voulez-vous danser le menuet Vous serez vite conquise Donnez-moi la main s'il vous plat {Refrain:} Ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah Entrons en danse Quelle cadence Ah ah ah ah Ah"
  • Deep Blue Polka Dot - Stan Ridgway
    "Swimmin' in the slime Peelin' off th' dock Baby got a purple skirt that is polka-dot Beauty in decay can be the only way when you are not Wind is blowin' strong Rainin' in the world Nothin' but a sag"
  • The Beer Barrel Polka - Brave Combo
    "There's a garden, what a garden Only happy faces bloom there And there's never any room For a worry or a gloom There's music, and there's dancing And a lot of sweet romancing When they play the polka They"
  • Ievan Polkka / Iev'a Polka - Loituma
    "Nuapurista kuulu se polokan tahti Jalakani pohjii kutkutti Ievan iti se tytts vahti Vaan kyllhn ieva sen jutkutti Sill ei meit silloin kiellot haittaa Kun my tanssimme laiasta laitaan Salivili hipput tupput"
  • Don't Be A Lemming Polka - k.d. lang
    "(K.D. Lang)) I pin myself against the walls Stationed like a horse in stall Just wishing they might call me art There I hung in the hall Collecting dust, that's all It's all I needed to do While in the"
  • I Was Not A Nazi Polka - Chad Mitchell Trio
    "Wenn Sie durch Die Schne Deutschland gehen Einen gesang werder Sie Hren Es gibt eine kleine Melodie in Deutschland Fur fnfzehn oder Zwanzig Jahren '' '' As you travel through Die Schne Deutschland (Wenn"
  • The Heart Of Polka Still Beats - Story Of The Year
    "This heart is bleeding desperation And these dreams, They're still worth fighting for Cause in my eyes, this is the only thing that i fucking have And I will never let this go This love, is something"

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