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  • I Will Be Your Friend - Sade
    "I know that lately Things haven't been so good I always said If I could ever help you I would Ooh ooh ooh, Ooh ooh ooh, I love you For a thousand years Ooh ooh ooh, Ooh ooh ooh, I'm here To wipe away"
  • Why Can't We Live Together - Sade
    "Tell me why tell me why tell me why Umm why can't we live together Tell me why tell me Umm why can't we live together Everybody wants to live together Why can't we be together No more war no more war"
  • Cherish - Sade
    "So tired of broken hearts and losing at this game Before I start this dance I take a chance in telling you I want more than just romance You are my destiny, I can't let go baby can't you see Cupid please"
  • Kissing You - Sade
    "Kissing You (Love Theme from Romeo + Juliet) Pride can stand a thousand trials The strong will never fall But watching stars without you My soul cries Heaving heart is full of pain Oooh, oooh, the aching"
  • By Your Side - Sade
    "you think i'd leave your side baby you know me better than that you think i'd leave you down when you're down on your knees i wouldn't do that i'll tell you you're right when you want and if only"
  • Flow - Sade
    "[1] - Ooh baby, mm When you hold me Oh oh, when you hold me The sound Is it possible I could feel this cool I could really love you the way I do Is it possible I could feel this good I could really love"
  • King Of Sorrow - Sade
    "I'm crying everyone's tears And there inside our private war I died the night before And all of these remnants of joy and disaster What am I suppose to do I want to cook you a soup that warms your soul But"
  • Somebody Already Broke My Heart - Sade
    "[1] - You came along when I needed a savior Someone to pull me through somehow I've been torn apart so many times I've been hurt so many times before So I'm counting on you now Somebody already broke"
  • All About Our Love - Sade
    "It's all about our love So shall it be forever, never ending [1] - After all this time After all is said and done We have seen some suffering, baby It has not always been perfect Darling we know"
  • Soldier Of Love - Sade
    "I've lost the use of my heart But I'm still alive Still looking for the life The endless pool on the other side It's a wild wild west I'm doing my best I'm at the borderline of my faith, I'm at the hinterland"

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