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  • Lullaby - Marianne Faithfull
    "Hush now little one, The day has lost its glow The night falls softly round The sandman's sleepy saws. Sleep. The stars will shine tonight High up in the sky. The breeze will sing a song As he goes hurrying"
  • Primitive Origins - Prong
    "Getting A Grip On The Speeding Insecurities Surviving Throughout The Chaotic Instability Linking Yourself To The One Singular Authority The Frequency For Aggression The Waveform Of Capital Action Phases"
  • Spikes To You - Drive Like Jehu
    "'A' frames, statuettes, sunset magazine they're lining up to do their jobs but i swear to god i seen: bits and guts and pieces hanging from the trees Stumpy mow the lawn, c'mon, ya gotta bare piece"
  • Wichman (Slava III) - Percival Schuttenbach
    "O mężnym grafie to opowieść Co w zębach miał dziury Dumnym się czuł Germanem Nikczemnej wszak postury On za nos wodził Słowian I na wyprawy ciągiem wołał Ra z wikingami dziewki gwałcił To z wioski znów"
  • Love makes the world go around - Paul Young
    "Love makes the world go around And love makes the see-saws go up and down And it makes the trees go tall And most important thing of all It makes a boy and girl Yeah say they feel so fine now Without love"
  • Fighter - SS501
    "Yeah the reason why I'm telling you this it's because I wanna say to you if it's gonna happen we don't wanna make it go down no matter what you say come on Shiryontawin nege obnungol gochirojin naui"
  • Everything Is Broken - Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band
    "Broken lines, broken strings Broken threads, broken springs Broken idols, broken heads People sleeping, in broken beds Ain't no use jivin' Ain't no use jokin' Everything is broken Broken bottles, broken"
  • Everything Is Broken - Bob Dylan
    "Broken lines broken strings Broken threads broken springs Broken idols broken heads People sleeping in broken beds Ain't no use jiving Ain't no use joking Everything is broken. Broken bottles broken plates Broken"
  • Fritter Blues - Iceman
    "Back Girl everybody wants to be true Love is everything to me,yes! Cute takeout shakeout HAAH Ring Getting Bang everybody wants to be true Love is everything to me,yes! Break"
  • Day The Saw Mill Closed Down - Bobby Bare
    "Her house on the corner of Cedar and Elm still stands in our town But it's been empty since she moved away the day that the saw mill closed down We'd sit on her porch almost every night I remember how"

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