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  • What'cha Gonna Do - Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge
    "You never known anyone else but me and now you're free whatcha gonna do When you're alone and you fall down and I'm not around whatcha gonna do And when you reach out for me and find that I ain't there And"
  • Gonna Catch Ya - Tali
    "Feel the floorboards they're vibrating, (this sound's gonna catch ya watch out gonna get ya) You can't stop your body shakin' (this sound's gonna catch ya watch out gonna get ya) With every step that you"
  • Ain't gonna die - Mason Jennings
    "Pardon me my dear you've gone straight to my headIt's now been two months that i expected to be deadAnd i can swear on this but i can't be sureI think the hands of fate just got a manicure'cause everything"
  • I'm gonna be - The Proclaimers
    "When I wake up yeah I know I'm gonna be I'm gonna be the man who wakes up next to you When I go out yeah I know I'm gonna be I'm gonna be the man who goes along with you If I get drunk yes I know I'm gonna"
  • Gonna Fly Away - Petra
    "Words and music by Bob Hartman Dreamin' about flyin' since I was a boy Never thought I'd see the real mccoy I think it's safe to say I finally found a way Gonna fly away Gonna fly away Every day"
  • Gonna Be Alright - Cyco Miko
    "I stood at attention didn't bother to mention the hopes in suspension it's gonna be The key is the waiting although it gets grating without hesitating say it's gonna be alright Drenched in hypocrisy all"
  • I'm Gonna Win - Foreigner
    "Another dark night, in the city And my prospects lookin' thin The survival, of the fittest Is the law, in the world that I live in I was not born, to be a fighter But now's the time I have to learn To"
  • I'm Gonna Getcha - Tania Kernaghan
    "Let's go! Don't wantcha for the weekend - don't wantcha for a night I'm only interested if I can have you for life - yeah Uh, I know I sound serious - and baby I am You're a fine piece of real estate,"
  • Never Gonna Stop - Triple Image
    "never gonna stop never gonna stop stop stop gotta take it to the top top gotta kick it til i drop drop gonna make it hott hott don't tell me not to fly no, don't u even try i just won't b that shy not"
  • Not Gonna Change - Anti-Flag
    "the only people that i bow down to are my family it kind of sucks that my loved ones don't let me do what I want to do grandma always says to me "it's just a phase" well wake up grandma It's"

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