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shone bejcer

  • A Tiny Swallow Song - Forgive-Me-Not
    "More all the stars that ever shone for me Come with the fingers of the destiny Can you hear songs of a tiny swallow I hear them too and there is no need But I can fly Like a bird in this reality I see"
  • I'm Ready - Chris Rea
    "I got my red shoes on Got my red gloves too Made my decision Gonna see this one through Too late, I can't stop now Open the door, I'll get through somehow Deep in my darkest night I always had a star"
  • The Bob - Roxy Music
    "I dreamed last night about your face Your star shone all night Over the moon it shone brighter Star shimmering so bright You were so pure not for this world So gentle and light How could I hear their stories"
  • Lament - Madonna
    "(Eva:) The choice was mine, and mine completely I could have any prize that I desired I could burn with the splendor of the brightest fire Or else, or else I could choose time Remember I was very young"
  • Anniversary Song - Al Jolson
    "Oh, how we danced on the night we were wed We vowed our true love, though a word wasn't said The world was in bloom, there were stars in the skies Except for the few that were there in your eyes Dear,"
  • Lost - Dermot Kennedy
    "When everything was broken, The devil hit his second stride But you remember what I told you Someday I’ll need your spine to hide behind for fear of moments stolen I don’t wanna say goodnight but I’ll"
  • It's Christmas Time - Diana Ross
    "It's christmas time And you will find His love is everywhere While shepherds watched their flocks by night The star shone all around Jesus came to earth Born of Mary Prince of Peace, Emmanuel I love to"
  • Then She Appeared - XTC
    "Then she appeared, apple venus on a half open shell Then she appeared, the first photograph on Fox Talbots gel I was a little frightened Flying with my senses heightened Cherubim cheered Then she appeared Then"
  • Asian Rut - Morrissey
    "Day oh so late Strangely the sun still shone Ooh Asian boy What are you on ? Day oh so late Strangely the sun still shone Oh Asian boy What are drugs are you on ? Oh... strange Tooled-up Asian"
  • One Million Years - Bee Gees
    "I'm dead , my life's been sold All my years are cold No trees to hide my head All my roads are red And in the Easter I will see that same old sun , that shone And in the winter I shall stand in seas"

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