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  • Sounds Of Time - Pressure Drop
    "Youth grows old, Youth grows old, Executed words stand bold, Executed words stand bold, Waiting on time, Waiting on time, Love with truth to unfold, Truth to unfold, What's joke to you, What is joke to"
  • Sounds Of Dentage - Nirvana
    "She says she's changed She says she's cured She says she's mine Bull...bull... Come over here for a second I want you to see something Why is this happening to me? Why is this real? The sound of dentage"
  • Sounds of science - Beastie Boys
    "Now here we go dropping science dropping it all over Like bumping around the town like when you're driving a Range Rover Expanding the horizons and expanding the parameters Expanding the rhymes of sucker"
  • New Romantic Sounds - Superheroes
    "We were dancing in the disco light when I looked you in your eyes The colours we're - fighting in the darkness The rythme was soft but angular and we were having fun But suddenly we felt down on the floor Sometimes"
  • Colors And Sounds - Article One
    "I could be all wrong, I could be all right Either way there's shades of grey we both don't like Maybe there is hope, maybe I'm naïve Perhaps it's just the point of view that's hard to see Yeah I've heard"
  • Sounds And Silence - A Thorn For Every Heart
    "Sirens racing, heading northbound on the freeway. Tragedy has happened early in the morning today. Best friend, my best friend's gone for sure. I'm never gonna get him back. I spent a lifetime trying,"
  • The sound of sounds - Gomez
    "Do you ever stop and wonderWhere you'd be without herDo you listened, do you listened, do you listenedTo what she said to youThe sound of sounds ain't lightningThe whisper, the promise, the solaceOf where"
  • Sounds From The Street - The Jam
    "Sounds from the street, sounds so sweet What's my name? It hurts my brain to think Sounds from the city, sound so pretty Young bands playing Young kids digging - And I dig them The USA's got the sea Yeah,"
  • Sounds Good To Me - Annihilator
    "Say goodbye and close your eyes, let's drift away Like a ship on the ocean, we'll set sail for a better day Come live in a daydream, this is your wonderland Let's swim in the deep sea, so jump in and take"
  • The Music Sounds Better - Alexandra Burke
    "The music sounds better with you There's a feeling, that I can't describe Like a cool wind, when I'm by your side I can feel you all over my skin I can't help it, gotta let you in And everything around,"

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