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stereophonics grap

  • Watch Them Fly Sundays - Stereophonics
    "I'd just like to say I remember the day I first woke with u Some days I have to admit, The way we happened to meet Was strange, because it was new I'm not drinking no more Not drinking no less Not sleeping"
  • Everyday I Think Of Money - Stereophonics
    "I drive a truck, it carries money, And everyday, I dream up my fantasies. Yesterday, I bought my beach house, A little place just off the coast of France. Everyday I think of money, Everyday I think of"
  • Maybe - Stereophonics
    "Maybe one thing, Maybe something, Maybe nothing, All I know is friend, it's nothing new. Maybe it's me, What is to be, Maybe lucky, All, I ask is where we're supposed to be. I give a lot, I take a lot, It's"
  • Caravan Holiday - Stereophonics
    "Seven day holiday in the rain it's June. At the time we were plain old me and you. It didn't matter that the sky came down, I never really felt like going out. Seven days watching rain inside with you. Saturday,"
  • Rooftop - Stereophonics
    "Standing on the rooftop, Trying to clear my mind, I only came up to look, But now there's such a crowd, Don't feel that bad, Can't help but laugh, And they cry out, "Say jump" and I say, "How high?", I"
  • Help Me (She's Out Of Her Mind) - Stereophonics
    "Dancing In the mirror You could see her from a mile man She was alright She looked right over her shoulder Right at me I was falling through the floor now She came, over me Help me, oh help me,"
  • Maybe Tomorrow - Stereophonics
    "I've been down and I'm wondering why These little black clouds Keep walking around With me With me It wastes time And I'd rather be high Think I'll walk me outside And buy a rainbow smile But be free They're"
  • Madame Helga - Stereophonics
    "Mary Mary where you been? You been out all night? You ain't got no sleep? She said 'I been dancing in the hills At a place I know' She said 'an' thats the place Where the fireflies glow' Had to"
  • You Stole My Money Honey - Stereophonics
    "You stole my money honey You're cold your blood's stopped running And now you're buying your new life Can't help but find you funny The clothes you wear are something You made your whole life boasting"
  • Getaway - Stereophonics
    "Remember when we were angels Before we stole cars And when sex and drugs Lived up in another world... not a care in the world Hide and seek, kissing and running Till you were out of breath In the late"

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