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the cab diamonds are forever

  • Diamonds & Gold - Tom Waits
    "Broken glass, rusty nails where the wild violets grow Say goodbye to the railroad, the mad dogs of summer And everything that I know What some men will do here for diamonds What some men will do here"
  • Diamonds & Guns - Transplants
    "Taken more shots than carl malone Battle looms, your doom, injustice entombed Who got the diamonds? who gonna find them? Who gonna MINE them when the time comes? Diamonds and guns, diamonds and guns (chorus:) It's"
  • Cab driver - Hall & Oates
    "Standing in the rainCab comes into viewAsk me where am I goin toRunning for so longBeen gone too many nightsAnd my heart has paid the priceThis ain't heavenThis aint the life bargained forMy reason for"
  • Cab Ride - Tweet
    "Taxi...take me to his home. I wanna give him all of me cause I'm alone The world is quiet I wouldn't mind Mere conversation Can you be my ride? What's your fare? (oh oh oh oh yeah) Mister can you take"
  • Taxi Cab - Bruce Springsteen
    "Taxicab, taxicab at the light Won't you take me on a ride Through this city at night I got some money and I'm feelin' fine I ain't no hurry so just take your time Some people wanna die young and gloriously Well"
  • Rough Diamonds - End Of Fashion
    "Oh no, Look at the way they start to it I know, I've been away too long to ask I'm caught in a sea of rough diamonds If that's not enough, Imagine me if you were not here This wicked spell of travelling's Just"
  • Shiny Diamonds - Violent J
    "(The Lion) I mean what do you got going on there that's so good? (Violent J) Man, it ain't always all good at home but the few days it is makes it all worth while. It's all about time and chance it's"
  • Damned diamonds - Acid Drinkers
    "Gold fever in the cityI filled my pockets fullI stuffed myself completelyI'm looking like a wool fI loaded all the bagsNow I need t oget them moveThe car is loaded to the maxThat's all that I could do!Working"
  • Diamonds dogs - Moulin Rouge
    "As they pulled you out Of the oxygen tent You asked for the latest party With your silicon hump And your ten inch stump Dressed like a priest you was, Todd Browning's freak he was Crawling down the alley"
  • Diamonds - The Cult
    "Drop all your You ain't got nothing to say My girls no flirt she can walk and she walks like she talks My girl fade away she got diamonds every day don't even when she walks away she's all mine she decides She's"

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