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this make sence

  • Make-up - Sugarcult
    "She takes off her make up and looks like everyone else hiding from a universe that is ugly like herself o o she paints on her cute synthetic personality waisting all the hours on the things shell never"
  • Make Me - Jennifer Paige
    "You look so confident The way you work the room Like you're heaven sent Everybody checking you Something about it baby Keepin' me amused Hate to admit it but I Kind of like your attitude Things that you"
  • Make noise - Das EFX
    "Hardcore, (Hardcore) For the world Yo, check it out Intro/Chorus: Now all my hardcore niggas make noise (HOOOOO!!) And all the honeys gettin money make noise (NO DOUBT!!) And if you're down with hip-hop"
  • Make way - Napalm Death
    "Syringe into this earth A virus known as profit Extract from it the "goodness" Which in business terms means greed Make way! For another snip at the lifeline "Look - a new site for expansions! Let's carnage"
  • Make Noize - TLC
    "Kid 'n play & tlc (the version of the song that tlc apears in is on the movie only. The song "make noize" is on the house party 3 soundtrack, but tlc does not appear on it) The duo's back in effect On"
  • Make Believe - Sadie
    "before these lies take over what did you see in me someone to hold on to or was i just make believe i thought you were so dreamy our love would never end i trusted you and told you all you were my best"
  • Make Noise - Busta Rhymes
    "(feat. Lenny Kravitz) Hoo, hah, hoo, hah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Rock star shit niggas From the street, to the stadium From the street, to the stadium From the street, to the stadium niggas Now c'mon! "
  • Make Way - Out of Eden
    "make way for the crew shorty we comin thru shorty you know how we do shorty we're makin moves shorty i know you feel this beat so bump it in the clubs and bang it in your jeeps cause you just can't get"
  • Make Love - Big Bang
    "Forever youre my girl Naegen neo ppuningeol I never knew I'd find a love so true This one right here, is just for you Remember that One day I held your hands then I kissed your lips then I told you Our"
  • Make believe - Saide
    "before these lies take overwhat did you see in mesomeone to hold on toor was i just make believei thought you were so dreamyour love would never endi trusted you and told you allyou were my best friendkilling"

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