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  • Odes Of Ecstasy Abstract Thoughts
    "(by Edgar Allen Poe) Lo! 'tis agala night Within the lonesome latter years! An angel throng, bewinged, bedight In veils, and drowned in tears, Sit in a theatre, to see A play of hopes and fears, While"
  • Omnium Gatherum Son's Thoughts
    "For the one my window hides in its view... - to enlighten me if my love's real, or that faith - what's more bitter than the late spring - i forgot to live, seated in one of their fucking trains - yes"
  • Firewind Distant Thoughts
    "This lost child Reasons why This world filled with lies Son of the lands stained Himself pride to pay Bring this as you will this thing calls for you I won't let the past I know you won't last CHORUS: Something"
  • Papa Roach Coffee thoughts
    "My coffee stain is turned down, I sit and watch it burn no longerYou dont want my feelings to be toldI, I think I can help you, only I'm dead...Discussing how I've been feeling is worthlessNo one will"
  • Notorious B.I.G. Suicidal thoughts
    "(RING, RING) (Hello? Aw shit, nigga. What the fuck time is it, man? Oh god damn. Nigga do you know what time it is? Aw shit, what the fuck's goin' on? You alright? Aw, nigga what the fuck is wrong wit"
  • North December thoughts
    "We are the rolling stones crushing holy templesStones of your youthwe' are the dimension of searchingDimension of your adulthoodWe are the flowers on the graveFlowers of your lifeI faced the hidden truth.Yesterday"
  • Chainsaw Bitter Thoughts
    "Each of us has a shining star Once I had my own too I can't see it now, it's been lost forever Though I wished to keep it to hard Will they die away? I think they won't Will they go with her? I really"
  • Dream On, Dreamer Midnight Thoughts
    "SHOW ME WHAT MY DREAMS ARE MADE OF! Believe me, we're coming home, We keep marching cause we're heading north, With the sun, guiding into every song, I swear we won't fail, we be taking too long, We shape"
  • Waken Eyes Deafening Thoughts
    "Breathe.....this cold and piercing dream It shelters me Soundless and still, holding me down I endlessly drown Look in her eyes Misery and hate coincide Feeding her fear, it's constantly near Leaves her"
  • Paradise Lost Darker Thoughts
    "drifting tough loss we escape from the cost of pain the healing through years so obscured by the tears as the strain but this one-way street you’re on you’ll never be fulfilled and this one way street"

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