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trampolina pwn

  • Der Mann der mit der Luft schimpft - Die Goldenen Zitronen
    "Los jetzt. Los. Steh auf. Feg den Brgersteig. Kontaktlin sen locker. Spring nicht auf das Trampolin. Wechsel deine Mutter. Immer geradeaus. Zukunft dein ist. Die Zukunft dein ist. Tte nur mit Blicken"
  • Giving It All To You - LIZ PHAIR
    "They can say what they want But I don't hear thing cause They can't read my thoughts Or the secrets between ::us:: All of this time you where apart of me Shining like a star in my galaxy And I reach out"
  • Fly Boy Blue / Lunette - Elbow
    "t's a lethal ballet Air traffic congestion I'm having a baby Second thoughts, scotch, dinner And someone's dancing on the box A former MP And no one was watching My oldest friends are a serious habit Fly"
  • Amnesia - Blue October
    "Trampoline I'm your Trampoline Oh you jump so hard but I always catch your fall So now I'll just Hide away (you know I think I will) Hide away Oh, I run so fast but I always lose them all I wish I could"
  • Reporter - Per Gessle
    "Board a plane to Katmandu Talk to indians in Peru Find out how the fire wenr Was it all an accident? Trace a modern voodoo chile Maybe Jimi's still alive? Retrospective, big intrique The early 80's, the"
  • Gozo Poderoso - Aterciopelados
    "La msica es amor (x 4) unmonos en el son que sincroniza el corazón un ritual amoroso de gozo poderoso La msica es amor (x 4) Las notas tejen su red me atrapan me ponen a su merced un torrente danzante energa"
  • Beautiful Bomb - Smash Mouth
    "Your asteroids bounce off her like a trampoline Sometimes all she can do is shake Lookin' out for you and I and all she sees Is everybody makin' big mistakes Takin' what they should just leave It's given"
  • Thinkin' Out Loud - The Band
    "I was thinkin' out loud Talking to myself I was up on a cloud There was nobody else No, no I did not call I never was allowed To speak up at all I was just thinkin' out loud Transylvania train, circus"
  • Velouria - Pixies
    "Hold my head We'll trampoline Finally through the roof On to somewhere near And far in time Velouria Her covering Travelling career She can really move Oh velveteen! My Velouria, my Velouria Even I'll"
  • Machine Ballerina - Suzanne Vega
    "Am I an afternoon's pastime? a thing on a string to be thrown and retrieved like a phone call received on somebody's birthday to tease and delight and then say goodnight and then just say goodbye? Am"

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