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  • Johnny Go Ska - Toasters
    "Skankin to dis are all the rudies When boss de blast ya on de Orange Street Grap your stomping boots and your Pork Pie Shark trousers to match your tie Johnny get ready and go ska tonight Early Jamaican"
  • King Of Ska? - Meganoidi
    "As you know I was the king of rock'n roll I played guitar, yes, with my soul but I just can't remember how to do it now I'll sing for you just a little bit of Ska I'll be the new king of Ska I'll be the"
  • SKA ROBOT ARMY - Aquabats
    "Aquabats Miscellaneous SKA ROBOT ARMY They're coming to take over Huh! Look out behind you and Beware of the Ska Robot Army! chewbacca, chewbacca, lake tittie cacca , chewbacca's got"
  • She hates ska - I Voted For Kodos
    "Hanging around before we played when I saw her across the room Yeah well, she's mighty cute, so I thought I might make my move I saddled up beside her, to see what she's about I introduced myself, but"
  • Mardi Gras Ska - Leningrad Cowboys
    "Out on Dixie highway Rolling down the road Going to New Orleans where I can loosen my load There I'm gonna find me my Shangri-La Find it at the Mardi Gras Yeah, yeah everything will be just yeah Yeah,"
  • Brain On Ska - Mustard Plug
    "Drinkin' in the pub just the other night, this girl comes up to me and says "what would ya like?" I said another beer another pitcher or two. Drank a few more rounds and the night was through! This is"
  • Fishy Swa Ska - Fishbone
    "I feel like I'm being assassinated by boredom or something I need some excitement, some adventure, some of that... You know that "Je ne sais quoi" I need some... some Fishbone Day after day, week after"
  • Ska del peral - Chancho En Piedra
    "Bienvenidos al Ska del Peral! Algo ha cambiado en nuestras vidas desde que fue tu partida tu falta se hace notar... aqui en el peral! Tus amigos siempre te extraamos Las locuras en el barro y tu gorro"
  • R Ska Song - Mest
    "well i went to your house and i knocked at the door parents tell me to get down on the floor i got nothing better to doso i say hey fuck you and i really hate your mother i really hate your father they're"
  • Piosenka Izrael Ska - Cinq G
    "nie wierzcie w to co mówią wam mapybo one wciskają wam lipęprawda jest taka, że naród wybranyjest między tatrami a bałtykiem...mamy już swój azyl (4x)izrael...izrael...izrael...izrael... jasna góro obudź"

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