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  • SKOOLS BURNIN' - Uriah Heep
    "Skools burning, it's burning down Burning down, burning down Stand up, sit down Don't turn around Don't talk and don't smoke Don't laugh, no joke Too many rules, too many fools Gonna raise it to the ground We're"
  • Between Two Worlds - Uriah Heep
    "(Box/Lanzon) You're not the only one Amongst the saints and sinners There are those that we can see And those no longer with us To take that walk again With someone you were close to On stage in the"
  • Heartless Land - Uriah Heep
    "(Box/Lanzon/Matt Lanzon) I know the world is full of light So why can't things just work out right Oh take me, take me From this heartless land It used to be so full of love But now it's only push and"
  • Only The Young - Uriah Heep
    "(Bolder) I haven't listened to a word you've said I've been wandering inside my head Don't care what you think of me You only see what you want to see So here I am in my paradise In my heaven everything"
  • Question - Uriah Heep
    "(Box/Lanzon) There's a lie that runs Across the human race There's a truth that draws A tear upon your face A child is crying and it echoes All over the world If we try to find some Deep communication Bring"
  • Wake Up - Uriah Heep
    "Let me see the sunshine. Let me feel the rain. Let me go where I wanna go. Well I want to smell the flowers, see the dawn again. Find those friends I used to know. Find those friends I used to know. Well"
  • Walking In Your Shadow - Uriah Heep
    "(Newton/Byron) I'm walking in your shadow Ever since you went away - Yeah And the clock on the wall Really hasn't very much to say Oh you left me bleeding And left me needing you In so very many ways I"
  • I Wanna Be Free - Uriah Heep
    "(Hensley) As I wake up every day with no new songs to play Feeling like I ought to pack my bag and run My imagination flies to some other sunny skies Where I felt so good and everything was done And my"
  • July Morning - Uriah Heep
    "(Hensley/Byron) There I was on a July morning Looking for love, With the strength of a new day dawning And the beautiful sun At the sound of the first bird singing I was leaving for home With the storm"
  • Love Machine - Uriah Heep
    "(Hensley/Byron/Box) Lovely little lady You've got me on the run You're a love machine and you say that I'm your gun But I don't care 'cause I've got to know You said you were a loser The kind that came"

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