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vertical horizon

  • On The Horizon - Sloan
    "These are a few of the states I'm in The first one Jersey, the second one thin The nicest thing of mine is yours So take a letter down And send it to the highest bidder On my team and my horizon"
  • Beyond The Horizon - Asphyx
    "Beyond the horizon A frightened nightmare begins The ultimate agony Dimension of sin Gateway to Death Realm of darkness Empire of chaos Engulfed madness Wasteland of Terror Blasphemous Land Shadows in"
  • Over The Horizon - 4HIM
    "Well Ive always been a bit of a dreamer Holdin on to the hard to believe Still I struggle just to fathom or imagine What Jesus has waiting for me Oh its not that Im afraid of the future For my faith has"
  • Above The Horizon - Xysma
    "Towards the horizon From under the sea Firmament Is laughing at me Greenish visions From the past Millions of coffins Of the future The waves sing death I'm listening to their message The sky melts and"
  • Beyond The Horizon - Dissection
    "Beyond the event horizon lies the void of my dreams Imploding eternal darkness, portal to my destiny The voracious gaping vortex distorts the cosmic laws Drains the life of the universe, extinguishing"
  • Stained glass horizon - Cathedral
    "Stained glass horizon Trapped in tombs of day No energy to run - nowhere to escape Fortune left behind you Blank dice is your gain Opium moon is rising The summer it never cameYour spirit reigns In the"
  • On The Horizon - Locust
    "Jennifer... where do you go at night? Is no-one there to hold you tight? Above your head I see a golden ball And it catches light from all around you Jennifer says shel be back when she older She fixing"
  • Light Beyond Horizon - Human Fortress
    "Sun comes up blows the darkest night away Feel a year like just one day Don't look back To the way that you have gone 'cause as hard as it may seem What's your fate, what's right or wrong within your life A"
  • Beyond The Blue Horizon - Michael Nesmith
    "Beyond the blue horizon Waits a beautiful day Goodbye to things that bore me Joy is waiting for me I see a new horizon My life has only begun Beyond the blue horizon Lies a rising sun Beyond the blue"
  • Beyond The Blue Horizon - Harlan Howard
    "BEYOND THE BLUE HORIZON WRITERS HARLAN HOWARD, HANK COCHRAN RECORDED BY MIKE NESMITH Beyond the blue horizon Waits a beautiful day Goodbye to things that bore me Joy is waiting for me I see a new horizon"

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