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wwo rysio taxi driver

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wwo rysio taxi driver
  • John Mellencamp Taxi Dancer
    "Oh yeah Well she started out, just to be a dancer Gonna make her livin' dancin' In the Broadway shows So she hitchhiked cross the country From Pasaroba to the Big Red Apple Where your dreams are made Your"
  • Kate Nash Navy Taxi
    "Rain spat in my face, thanks a lot mate And I lost a tenner on the way Thinking about it, did I spend it last night When I was drunk and I wanted to get more drunk Missed the train, thanks a lot mate I"
  • Eros Ramazzotti Taxi Story
    "Guido guida un taxi giallo nel bordello metropolitano porta in giro soldi e stracci di ogni genere che sia umano quante acrobazie che conosce bene come le vie lui che sogna spesso di volare vede tanta"
  • Frank Aguiar Moto Taxi
    "_O bicho vai pegar galera, essa aqui vai especial a todos os moto-taxis desse Brasil_ _Ao vivo com Frank Aguiar só alegria_ Tenho uma moto Txi pra fazer corrida boa; transportar homem, mulher, menina,"
  • 22 Pistepirkko Taxi 74
    "One more cup And I'm ready to go Ready to go,eleven hours and more In my old forty four Straight in the middle of the endless sleep Yee I know One more ride In a mystery night Life from the sisters Hot"
  • Kiss Baby Driver
    "Go baby driver Been drivin' on down the road Oh, what a rider Carryin' such a heavy load Don't ever need to know direction Don't need no tow, food, gas, no more Go baby driver Don't want to sleep alone Ooh,"
  • Bobby Bare Truck Driver Truck Driver
    "Truck driver truck driver stop your Diamond T Do you have room inside your rig for a highway bum like me Hey thank you very much don't suppose you could sorta scoot over a little bit And give me a little"
  • Hank Thompson Cab Driver
    "CAB DRIVER Writer C. Carson Parks Cab Driver, drive by Mary's place I just wanna chance to see her face Don't stop the meter, let it race Cab Driver, drive by Mary's place Cab Driver, once more round"
  • Kenny Loggins Easy driver
    "Easy driver, she's a wicked rider She's smooth and she's skinny and she's probably mean Easy driver, pull up beside her, roll down the window on this fine machine Chorus: (Ooh ooh ooh) don't turn away,"
  • John Parr Ghost driver
    "Burnin' up the highway, chasin' shadows in the nightHe was on the road to freedom, passin' everything in sightIn the middle of the fast lane, on the wrong side of the roadSlipped her into fifth, and goodbye"

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