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  • 100% Texan - Kevin Fowler
    "Well I love the sound of a rain on a tin roof on a hot summer night love to hear those hound dogs a-barkin Howlin at the full moon light Love to see those fireflies a buzzin Lighting up the southern sky"
  • 100 Jahre - Eric Fish
    "Sieben lange Wochen schon, Geistern wir durchs Schlaraffenland der Liebe, Gesttigt unsre Triebe - Ausgelaugt unsre Lust. Du nagelst mich ans Kreuz des Sdens Und trgst ein Kleid aus dem Stoff, Aus dem"
  • $100 Bill - Jay-Z
    "Yellow cars, yellow gold like Slick Rick Still tip on four-four's (Who?) Four-four's at the 4-0, (Wait), 4-0 Dollars fall on the skin, some might call it sin Politicians all move for money, What the hell"
  • 100 Years - Joan Osborne
    "The sun is warm as the day is long Just got the feeling I can do no wrong Got a long way to walk can't afford my next meal, I tell a few lies, but my hunger is real and it... Chorus: won't mean thing in"
  • 100% Voc? - Inimigos Da HP
    "Um cu sem estrelas, uma praia sem mar Amor sem carinho, romance sem par Carnaval sem festa, um jardim sem flor assim que eu me sinto longe do seu amor Como enganar um corao to ligado nesse amor Como viver"
  • 100 Miles - Bad Company
    "Bad Company Holy Water 100 Miles Hey little girl, I love you so I'd walk a hundred miles to let you know Hey little baby, your eyes sure shine When your hand reaches out and touches mine 'Cos you're my"
  • 100 Degrees - Linkin Park
    "YoYou ready to do thisOkHahahaCome onLet's goThis is an invasionThe Evil Genius, Green LanternMike ShinodaLadies & Gentlemen, I would like to welcome you to a Fort Minor eventThe countdown has begunThe"
  • 100 Million - Audio Bullys
    "It was early, I woke up Still had a joint, so I puffed Shouldn't have 'coz it got me stoned And my mum just moaned Simon, it's time to get a job You're 20 years old and you're living like a slob But there's"
  • 100 Girls - Stroke 9
    "100 girls or maybe more Who left me passed out on the floor I know it might be wrong I had to write this song For a hundred girls and hundreds more There was Katherine in Manhattan Her mouth was"
  • 100 Ships - The Anniversary
    "recorded before Designing a Nervous Breakdown released in April 2000 on a 7" by Devil in the Woods magazine Well I know feeling strange - sometimes you're feeling strange Outside she waits So you know"

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