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24 godziny

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24 godziny
  • Julio Iglesias 24 Horas
    "S de un lugar, yo s de un lugar lejos de casa, lejos de mi ciudad, que quiero tanto como a mi hogar, yo s de un lugar. Quiero volver, yo quiero volver ver los amigos que hace tiempo dej y andar las calles que"
  • Terry Poison 24 Hours
    "There's somewhere plotting with Kimberly She's been abducted, baby, by the aliens, baby Oh, honey, we go way back It's only you and me here, now initially here Now I want you on the run again Twenty-four"
  • Grzegorz Turnau 24 Smutki
    "Dwadzieścia cztery smutki to zwykła nasza doba. I dzień jest nie za krotki, i noc się nam podoba. Deszcz pada nieustanny i nudny, i nużący, za oknem chodzą panny smucące się niechcący (niechcący...) Za"
  • 10CC 24 Hours
    "Here on the street Feeling the cool of the dawn Shuffling feet Faces are ragged and worn They've been working all night Waiting for the curtain to rise While you're under the sheets You with the stars"
  • Pizzicato Five 24 Decembre
    "(Konishi) Translator: Andrei Cunha (you'd better watch out you'd better not cry come on everybody it's time to celebrate) jnigatsu nijyokka anata wa nani wo shiteru watashi wa machi no dokoka de zutto"
  • Cappello A Cilindro 24 Dicembre
    "Strade, quelle di quasi natale qualche idea da regalare ore gonfie di rumore facce vuote, tasche piene, mani fredde congelate che si sente bestemmiare pure i muri di paese Strade, quasi un vizio stagionale Il"
  • Pro-Pain 24/7
    "Man I feel like shit today I gotta make it all go away Take your bullshit outta my face Before I wreck this whole damn place So leave my home and me alone Boy I hate this f**king scene And I know you know"
  • Jack Russell 24/7
    "it's been so long is it still cool to call? i've just been thinking baby thinking that's all i do for loving you you know is my saving grace woman woman are you really a fatal femme? woman woman my former"
  • Velvet 24 Ore
    "Ventiquattro ore fa Non eri con me Allungavo l'agonia Ora sono lucido Quindi non comunico Tengo per me i miei nobili propositi Verso te Chiedo perdono per la mia ingenuit Se ho amato la tua banalit"
  • Pink Floyd Chapter 24
    "A movement is accomplished in six stages And the seventh brings return. The seven is the number of the young light It forms when darkness is increased by one. Change returns success Going and coming without"

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