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4 puste sciany

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4 puste sciany
  • Agans Craig Symphony #4
    "Agans Craig Rockin' Downtown Symphony #4 Caught in numbers, steel machines, face flat on cold desk Errors, systems, directions, could I really care less? Aside from all these trucks and cars, and vacant"
  • Band, The 4% Pantomime
    "Band, The Cahoots 4% Pantomime The management said they were sorry For the inconvenience you are suffering And mr. booking agent, please have mercy Don't book the jobs so far apart We went up to griffith"
  • Solomon Childs This 4
    "(Intro: Solomon Childs) New York... the finest, yup Yeah, uh-huh, here we go (Solomon Childs) Rule number one, never let bygones be bygones New York icon, kid Beneton Style is so violent, by Louie Faton From"
  • Method Man 4:20
    "(feat. Carlton Fisk, RZA, Streetlife) Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it (roll it up niggaz) Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it (4:20, y'all, it's time, it's time) Roll that shit, light"
  • La The Darkman 4 Souls
    "Intro: This is how we goin' do We goin' do this right Word, word is bond Know what I'm sayin' This is la wid the track Know what I'm sayin You know how we do Word up, yo Let dark pass no stunting >from"
  • Obie Bermudez 4 30am
    "A las 4:30 en la maana me despierta el ruido del alarma a decirme que ya es hora de irme a trabajar. Le hago caso me levanto y pienso me preparo un caf y me arreglo apago luces y comienzo a caminar, y"
  • Bennie K 4 seasons
    "Zutto zutto tooku wo mitsumeteSotto motto mirai wo egakouNani to deai nani to wakareToki wo kizamu no ka waWakaranai kedo mayowazu niSagashitsuzuketeku yoThat place is waiting for usSumikitta asaUmarete"
  • Naturally7 4 Life
    "Red light, green light, 1,2,3. F O R L I F E I got you if you got me. F O R L I F E We'll always be together you will see. F O R L I F E You and me were meant to be. F O R L I F E Chorus No matter what"
  • Bennie K. 4 seasons
    "Zutto zutto tooku wo mitsumete Sotto motto mirai wo egakou Nani to deai nani to wakare Toki wo kizamu no ka wa Wakaranai kedo mayowazu ni Sagashitsuzuketeku yo That place is waiting for us Sumikitta"
  • Dead Prez W-4
    "So much shit goes on it makes me doubt about a God -- you know, makes me ask well if there is a God then why am I in the situation that I'm in? Or why is my family going through certain situations when"

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