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Agnes Obel - Aventine

  • Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Agnes Carlsson
    "Calling your name Calling your name How did this happen? I'm losing my way You can go insane, I don't understand it, now The water runs deep, and it's taken me It's taken me so far away Walls caving in,"
  • Champion - Agnes Carlsson
    "Mmmmm... You say it's impossible But you didn't even try at all Why am I the only one Who gives the most all the time You never can admit the truth Trying to laugh it off You say I'm a silly girl But you"
  • Forever yours - Agnes Carlsson
    "I remember when you told me that I got you in a heartbeat baby and you couldnt be without me even if we, didnt go steady how I tried to keep a straight face when you took me back to your place and"
  • Get my math - Agnes Carlsson
    "Step in the club, with my girls like whut Lookin so tight, and u know wazup I meet your eyes, and yours meet mine Thinkin this might be your time (ooh) Ecstatic, dramatic, I need u like an addic Cum"
  • I believe - Agnes Carlsson
    "heard an angel whisper so softly in my ear I couldnt hear the words but the message came in loud and clear Who wrote the book of love calling anyone who knows The things you do is unexplainable What"
  • Love Is All Around - Agnes Carlsson
    "We were always together You knew every thought that I've had (and) My wish was your command Like a match made in heaven Then we took it right back to earth And things got out of hand Now I'm looking"
  • My everything - Agnes Carlsson
    "They say that life is always changing And love comes and goes Wherever time may finally take us Oh, heaven only knows People can go apart Lately you seem so far Maybe the sun sets every day But don't slip"
  • On And On - Agnes Carlsson
    "On and on This love I feel for you goes On and on This world can be a scary place And so much love goes to waste One moment everything was clear The next it all could disappear We need something to hold"
  • Release Me - Agnes Carlsson
    "Release me , release my body. I now it's wrong, So why am I with you now. I say realese me, Cause I'm not able to convince myself That I'm better off without you. Yeah, it's perfectly clear That love's"
  • Right here, right now - Agnes Carlsson
    "Take my hand and walk with me Let me show you what I'm feeling What's going on inside of me Don't you know you have changed me? Don't you know my wishes all came true? You're my angel, now I wanna"

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