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Anthrax - Anthrax

  • Fueled - Anthrax
    "I'm out to mix it up and change my complexion To coat the feelings and cure my depression A shot of petrol is my bonafide method To lose control and get thorougly distracted I'm on the money, here I come Fuel"
  • Celebrated Summer - Anthrax
    "Love and hate was in the air, like pollen from a flower Somewhere in April time, they add another hour I guess I'd better think up a way to spend my time Just when I'm ready to sit inside, it's summer"
  • King Size - Anthrax
    "I want to be part of the program I want to be part of the whole damn thing I say, minimum effort, maximum gain From the inside out it all looks the same Making me feel stronger Making me feel like The"
  • Riding Shotgun - Anthrax
    "Do it, drive it, drink it, smoke it, Choke it Two steps forward One hundred steps back We're going the wrong way It's backwards, it's backwards Cuffed and branded I can't stand it Give me the lane I'm"
  • Perpetual Motion - Anthrax
    "The cracks are showing, on my face I didn't think that I was, that old my story is I weathered every storm I, pulled it through Falling by the wayside, I've seen a few But I never went down, never went"
  • In A Zone - Anthrax
    "I'm standing on a ledge cold and naked Will someone come and offer me their help Sometimes I forget my medication Sometimes I forget to pray I'll make it through this fuckin' day I'm unconscious, drunk"
  • American Pompeii - Anthrax
    "I try to imagine the best place I've been Can I go back again ? Open my eyes, what was no longer exists, I can't go back again I like to pretend that nothing has changed And never went too far But it started"
  • Tester - Anthrax
    "I've changed, by staying the same What does it mean to be different ? You've changed, faced from the start Tell me, an alternative to what ? How does it feel ? How does it feel to be part of the picture"
  • Bare - Anthrax
    "Standing on some dotted line Reacting to the hands of time A circumstance that I've been fed Leaving questions in my head Find the space that was left bare An empty space I'd gladly share One must live"
  • Potters Field - Anthrax
    "I was told to love you I was told to try I was born to save you I was born to die I'll always be your scapegoat You'll never take the blame You never had a chance It was your soul to save I am your one"

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