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Asle beck

  • Hard To Compete (Version 2) - Beck
    "You said go You said stay Got so confused I tried to do both So I broke out in a sweat Cashed my check And I spent it to death And it's hard to compete And it's hard to eat When you're beating your teeth"
  • Hidden Song - Beck
    "Looking back at some dead world that looked so new Abysses and fountains that they named for you Dazzled wits and accidents which are steadin' Hairy cameras spreadin' 'round the golden blues Oooooh... Oooooh... (?"
  • Howlin Wolves - Beck
    "Celebration Pineapples and kumquats Simultaneously exploding Cokes in the fruit of eternity Lighting matchsticks and candles Drawing pictures with god ? ? ? ? Severing the tires of god Covering yourselves"
  • I'm Set Free - Beck
    "I've been set free and i've been bound to the memories of yesterday's clouds I've been set free and i've been bound and now i'm set free I'm set free I'm set free to find a new illusion I've been blinded"
  • I Have Seen The Land Beyond - Beck
    "From these shores where we belong I have seen the the land beyond Where the lord is strange and strong I have seen the the land beyond There's no telling who'll be dead When the pale horse is turning red And"
  • I Wanna Get With You - Beck
    "(insert various variations of lead-in b.s., for example: "i was walking down glendale blvd. one night. someone Was playing 'i wanna sex you up' out of their volvo, and That's when I met her: debra.....) "
  • I Wanna Get With You (And Your Sister Debra) - Beck
    "(insert various variations of lead-in B.S., for example: "I was walking down Glendale Blvd. one night. Someone was playing 'I Wanna Sex You Up' out of their Volvo, and that's when I met her: Debra.....) "
  • In A Cold Ass Fashion - Beck
    "Fly like the eagle Fly like the eagle Fly... Squeegee Ah, you got it When we get down to the shrink-wrap on my grave You know the nitty-gritty never looked so safe You get whipflash under the bridge Like"
  • It's All Gonna Come To Be - Beck
    "(spoken: this is sort of a...a...i got these chords from bob's kind Of a heartland feeling...sort of approving...) When all is said and done Wanna clip my toenails down, down, down, down, down And"
  • Banjo - Beck
    "Yeeha! Let's go moon some cars I said let's go moon some cars Let's go moon some cars, my friend Let's go moon some cars Aw man... Let's go steal some beer I said let's go steal some beer Yeah, gotta"

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