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  • In Answer - Frank's Enemy
    "In answer to your question i hope you have been asking I'll take off my fangs and stop all the scaring I could quote John 3:16 pray for the best That you'd grasp what it all means that we are in a test To"
  • Answer Man - Hootie & The Blowfish
    "You must retreat now I just can't talk anymore Your words make me empty inside There's nothing left of you Time seems to change Thoughts I have for you Now I'm so alive But you seem to be Drowning"
  • Answer 5 - Jadakiss
    "Uhh, yo check em out, it's the new a5's you gotta rock em they even put a zone in the league to try to stop him he's the answer, and the problem you dont want it with the way that boy go to the hole"
  • No answer - Falco
    "I got up this morning felt so bad Its weird, really feel out of whack I got the urge to call home and I go to the hook and pick up the phone, sayin - Just wanted to say "Hi" to all my friends Calling West-Berlin,"
  • My Answer - Takahashi Hitomi
    "Mainichi ga toori sugiteku Utsumuku mune ni kaze ga fukinukeru Ano goro to nanimo kawara nai Hitori aruku machi ni nareta dake Kakae kire nai kurai no ooki na yume wo Katari akashita yo ne Ima mo onaji"
  • The Answer - Joss Stone
    "How you gonna move with the belt? How you gonna run down the street? How you gonna get tired, get 'round the beat? How you gonna pay the rent? How you know what you spent? How you gonna catch the answer"
  • The Answer - Blue October
    "If I can't crawl inside of you, I'm laughing with a broken face I stumble across my self esteem. But to picture the pleasure is making me want my space. Understand... that God wrapped you like a bow. But"
  • The Answer - Warrior Soul
    "plastic leaders seem like insects tortured cities lost beyond pleasure films of landscape dirt on royal gowns the man said to cop religion alls I want is peace he said this was the land of freedom but"
  • Earth's Answer - Abdullah
    "Hey, will the world turn upon me Will the soul survive ultimately Oh, will peace ever be found When I drag my feet on hallowed ground And I don't want to know what the future will hold And I don't want"
  • Ask, Answer - Backstabbers, Inc.
    "You've had your chance, and you wonder how you f**ked it up so bad. Years of smoke-screens and you have the nerve to ask why the children are the way they are. It's because they haven't seen shit. Now"

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