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Bainbridge Merril - Spinning

  • The Acorn Is Spinning - Ace Frehley
    "Hey Vinnie, I got this new fighter from the Bronx He's a natural Oh yeah, how? Reminds me of Jack Lamato No! You can't lose with this one You want a piece of the action, or what? Jack Lamato, eh? See if"
  • Hands (Spinning Head Version) - The Benjamin Gate
    "Jesus i feel you near me your hands giving life to my body your spirit healing life to me holding my heart in sweet security God i need your grace let your spirit rescue me God i need your love let your"
  • Spinning Back The Clocks - Diabolical Masquerade
    "Drag him down That knife, slipping flee [?] That knife, slipping flee [?] Sweet dreams my dear little child I burn for touching a bead of your own mass You will be gone now forever Try to sleep one more"
  • Mother Spinning In Her Grave - Jerry Cantrell
    "Written by Jerry Cantrell Mother's spinning in her grave 'cause she can't save Mother's spinning in her grave 'cause she can't save You wouldn't leave it alone Mother's spinning in her grave 'cause"
  • Lady With The Spinning Head - U2
    "Here she comes Lady luck again Figure of eight Six and nine again My lady with the spinning head Whatever the deal She won't let me down Wherever I go She's always hanging 'round My lady with"
  • And The World Keeps Spinning - Glen Campbell
    "And the World Keeps Spinning Well, I never thought that I could make it alone Thought I would die but I seem to carry on And I thought my life would surely leave And, though almost, I have not ceased"
  • You Make Me Hight (Spinning) - Jason Mraz
    "well i don't know just what i'm here for i want more than words can describe i've been deprived can you believe it my whole world, well it's falling apart well it falls, still it falls, well it falls apart"
  • You Make Me High (Spinning) - Jason Mraz
    "Well I don't know just what I'm here for I want more than words can describe I've been deprived Can you believe it My whole world well it's fallin' apart Well it falls, still it falls, well it falls apart"
  • Until The World Stops Spinning - Saturday Looks Good To Me
    "There are secret cities buried somewhere underground But whether or not we find them The world keeps spinnind 'round Everyone's pretending that there's nothing left to say But no matter what you tell"
  • Under The Water - Merril Bainbridge
    "I get confused when I'm tired But the last time I saw you We were in a room With sunshine in my eyes And water on the floor I watched you float away Take me with you A long time ago We were walking around We"

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