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  • The Ecstacy Of An Astral Journey - Hades Almighty
    "burning midnight skies the blaze of the stars is calling again wispering mystic chorus a promise of immortality take my soul to where the falcons fly to the gates of triumph the skies are bleeding like"
  • Astral, nie wiem stary (ft. Sylu) - Arab
    "łapię promienie słoneczne czuje energię bajecznie jest! teraz po prostu jest pięknie tęcza na niebie bo wcześniej był deszcz chociaż naprawdę to swoje tu wiem patrzysz na mnie obłędnie ale w źrenicach"
  • Summoning The Guardians Of The Astral Gate - Bal-Sagoth
    "It is written in the ancient legends... that high amidst the moon-swathed peaks of the great Mountain of Shadows, hides the aeon-weary threshold of the Astral Gate... the portal from our world, to beyond..."
  • Gates To The Spheres Of Astral Frost - Cephalectomy
    "(- Across Time and Space - 1:5) By the veil of light of deception I stand fourth beyond all exception By the pale worm the king of seas Summon plagues of ancient disease Upon this realm i have stood"
  • From The Astral Plane... Entwined With Infinity - Diabolic
    "All our futures once were foretold First etched stone now carved flesh Despite our frail human stock We traverse the realms of death With knowledge bestowed upon us We proceed to forge our paths Despite"
  • Menea El Bazo - Los Berzas
    "Localizado en el hipocondrio izquierdo, el bazo es un órgano hematopoytico que forma parte del sistema retculo endoterial y su función es favorecer la omeostasis ematológica. A su vez, es un sistema de"
  • Congiunzione Astrale - Nek
    "Non è mai com'era ieri, cambia il senso cambiano i pensieri, e ti sembra tutto da rifare... Sbagli se ti guardi indietro, punta avanti anche se hai mezzo metro, c'è sempre una strada per viaggiare... è"
  • Marathon - Astral Doors
    "Astral Doors - Marathon"
  • Lionheart - Astral Doors
    "If you are wind, I would go to a place where wind don't blow It's time to leave If you are steel, I would be like a flame to melt you down You have to see and tell me why you cry Why you cry He came to"
  • Before I died - Bass Astral & Ericonne
    "let me walk to my own 2 feet, father you're all i need touch down where do i go from here if you... skylight no time running for life and fallin' Prapremiera utworu Bass Astral & Ericonne 'Before"

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